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Son of Godzilla - US TV version HD reconstruction (Released)



The Son of Godzilla reconstruction is available now!

The 1080p HD reconstruction of the original US TV version of Son of Godzilla is completed and available to download! Have a look on the spleen or send a private message for details.

Notes on this release:

  • The Toho transfer had its contrast and saturation boosted to alleviate its flat appearance; other sources were color-corrected to roughly match this source.
  • The original US version has only ever existed in 4:3 pan-and-scan, so no widescreen sources for the US title card or textless opening/ending exist. A capture of the 1997 Anchor Bay VHS was used for these portions of the film.
  • Numerous other shots throughout the film have frames missing, with reel changes suffering the worst. Some shots were replaced entirely using the 2004 TriStar DVD, others with the Blu-ray of All Monsters Attack, which reused some of the affected shots, and others had the missing frames reinstated using a roughly 16:9 copy of the French version of the film.
  • The original Walter Reade Organization logo is reinstated at the end, using the recreation featured in the Ghidrah reconstruction.

Original post:

I’ve been kind of scarce around here my last couple projects, haven’t I? In any case, I figured I’d start a thread for my latest project, which will be released on Christmas.

This project is a recreation of the original US TV version of Son of Godzilla in HD and widescreen. Obviously this isn’t as perfectly faithful a job as some of the other reconstructions I’ve done, since the US version of this film has only ever existed in a 4:3 pan-and-scan version, but I’ve done my best to accurately reflect the overall form of the US version - for instance, the spots where the Japanese title, credits and end title appear all play without text in this version. Since there’s no widescreen source for the textless shots, those portions of the film are shown in 4:3, taken from an excellent VHS capture by Jetrell Fo.

Here’s an early version of the visual switch from the VHS to the Japanese Blu-ray: (I’ve since color-corrected the VHS source and adjusted its initial aspect ratio; I hadn’t taken pixel aspect ratio into account when positioning it in the frame)

Here’s what I ended up doing for the ending after my efforts to recreate the textless shot in widescreen didn’t work out:

I’ve also gotten some fantastic cover art from Video Collector, if he’d like to share them in this thread. They’ll be available as always with the MKV version of the project.

I’ve got a friend working on rendering the project right now; my laptop frequently overheats while rendering and she’s got a real beast of a desktop, so sending her the project file and source media for rendering makes the whole process a lot quicker and less of a hassle. If everything goes smoothly, you folks should be able to download this project Christmas morning!


Also looking forward to this reconstruction.


Thanks, mate.

I’m mostly at the mercy of available artwork on these projects, but that’s part of the challenge and part of the fun!

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Sorry for the late update, but the reconstruction is available to download! I’ve been at the mercy of hotel wifi the last few days, so the MKV is currently only available on the spleen over a horribly slow connection, but the MP4 is available in the usual spots, and the MKV will be as well once I’m on a better connection.