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Solo: A Star Wars Story Edit (Released)


I thought I would let some people know of this edit I completed.

This movie really had some potential. The original directors might have been on to something. Who knows?

I mean they had a decent track record. Taking something weird and making it great to watch.

Maybe then, that female robot would have been more palatable.

So, anyway it is done. Around 100 edits or so.

I did not even get to watch the end before I was putting it into the software to be edited. 10 minutes in. Did not even know what was going to happen. Damn you Kathleen!

  • Different beginning
  • Many edits removing the audience hand holding dialog and scenes.
  • Less of this Han building character arch. Now it’s a good Ron Howard movie that is about Han.
  • Less of these damn dice, or rather an attempt at lessening the meaning.
  • Included one deleted scene.
  • Removed most of the female robot’s dialog. Phew!

I can provide some links to anyone who will give me a review!


Here is a trailer for said project:


I’d love to hear more about the cuts you’ve made.


Well here are a few of them. Spoilers! lol.

  • Removed text at beginning.
  • Removed many snippets of dialog that keep the movie flow down.
  • Removed some parts during Lady Proxima scene.
  • Removed Solo name thing during Solo’s admission.
  • Removed some jokes that don’t work very well.
  • Inserted deleted scene with the dude dying during the empire battle scene in the beginning.
  • Fixed dialog during the supper scene.
  • Val no longer kills herself.
  • Less emphasis on the young girl character who can beat up men. Oh, and she is no longer the leader.
  • Removed most of the out of place dialog from the female robot feminist thing.
  • Removed the weird lando/robot love plot.
  • Quickened up several scenes by removing awful dialog that really is about women/girls or feminism.
  • Tightened up scene with Darth maul. Makes it more menacing.

Around 111 edits for this one.


would you make a extented movie with all missing scenes in?
that would be great.


I actually thought of that. There are a few problems with each of them so I decided not to.

The lady proxima scene was good. However if used, it would not explain how she walked into the room with Solo. Plus she looks like she is wearing something different.

Not a big deal but it would hurt my brain somehow.

I would have included the scenes when they run from the dog things. When they jump into the water but, it seemed to have been done before. Like a basket gag kinda thing. Still, it would work I guess. It just nitpicking maybe.

I really wanted to put in the scene with solo being kicked out from the pilot school but then I would have to use scenes from other movies. And when watching, any star wars fan would be able to pick them out, like tell where they came from. haha.

The scene with Solo and Chewie talking was done good. I actually thought solo talking wookie scene was better but only because it subverts your expectations. . . .

The snowball fight, oh man. That was good. However it would have to be put in right after Val’s death. It would break the mood. doh.

The scene with solo eating the food might work actually. haha. For a laugh break inside the tension. Hmmm.

The scene with solo getting those special box’s might work maybe. lol. I just never thought to put it in.


I like that list of changes a lot! Have you done any re-rendering in regards to the (imho) muddiness and low-contrast look of the theatrical cut?

I truly can only stomach Solo edits when there have been multiple attempts to brighten, fix contrast and color. (I don’t mind dark and gritty like Rogue One’s aesthetic, just… this film took it too far.)