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Shazam! The Magic Edition (Released)


A Shazam! fanedit in 4K with 5.1 Surround, runtime 2hr 04m

This edit is released. PM me for details.

Even out and improve the lighthearted, comedic tone of this movie. Reduce the excessive expository. And most importantly, Superman should have a head.

This edit uses this video’s Black Suit Superman VFX for the ending, putting Henry Cavill in the movie:

Toned down the horror of this scene a bit and rescored so it matches up well with the opening horror car crash with Christmas music:

Change List:

  1. For the car accident scene, cut closeup shot of the injured dad and cut the brother’s line “you did this.”
  2. Cut the police officer’s expository line, “That’s my lunch, kid!”
  3. Cut the expository that Darla is a “big hugger” and Billy adding, “I noticed.”
  4. Darla introduces herself without her foster mom introducing her first.
  5. Cut Darla’s line, “It’s a tough subject for me.”
  6. Cut Darla talking in detail about veganism to set up an unfunny joke.
  7. Cut Freddy weirdly trying to look in Billy’s backpack and the bunch of filler he says afterward.
  8. Cut the reference to Harry Potter by the woman being interviewed.
  9. Cut the pushy researcher learning the truth and turning to dust.
  10. Added VFX and SFX to the glowing door.
  11. The Wizard now makes it very clear Billy is not worthy but is humanity’s only hope. The subtlety of the theatrical cut incorrectly suggested to many viewers that Billy was pure of heart, which muddled up the storyline.
  12. Cut Freddy’s line about bullet immunity and Billy’s comment about being bulletproof.
  13. Toned down the horror fest in the board room scene with the seven deadly sin demons. Cut the explicit head eating. Rescored with something more festive by Josh Groban to lighten the tone and put everyone in the Christmas spirit.
  14. Cut away before the demon, Greed, starts closing in on and attacking Dr. Sivana’s father. Just his scream is heard now.
  15. Cut Dr. Sivana in the elevator getting angry and punching the screen. This quirky scene is no longer necessary now that the board room scene is toned down.
  16. Retimed and trimmed the school security guard moron joke so it’s more effective and doesn’t explain the joke to us.
  17. Added a small portion of a deleted scene during the bus incident where a pencil rolls across the length of the bus floor. Upmixed the stereo audio to full, convincing surround.
  18. When Dr. Sivana goes to Billy’s home, cut the line about it being a shithole.
  19. When Dr. Sivana arrives at the carnival, trimmed some of his dialogue.
  20. Trimmed the awkward pause before Santa yells for everyone to run.
  21. Trimmed Freddy’s weird “power matrix” remark about Dr. Sivana’s weakness.
  22. Shazam doesn’t give the little girl a stuffed animal.
  23. Shazam breaks the staff faster without asking if Dr. Sivana wants it back.
  24. When Darla says they should kick his butt, Dr. Sivana immediately attacks.
  25. After Darla states she can move super fast cut the line about hyperspeed.
  26. After Darla catches the girl falling she doesn’t say, “I caught you.”
  27. Cut part of Shazam’s speech where he describes six of the seven deadly sins.
  28. Darla (in adult form) doesn’t ask what a lair is. Little Darla uses words like moderate so she shouldn’t suddenly become stupid in adult form.
  29. Cropped out Mary’s reaction to the lair (she’s about to be in college and wouldn’t be all giddy about a lair). The performance was also a little cringy.
  30. Retimed the dialogue of the lair scene to best enhance the comedy while removing Darla’s dopey (but funny) punchline.
  31. Used Movila’s brilliant VFX and sound work, adding Superman’s head into the final scene with a short line of dialogue.
  32. Changed the end credits music after the first post credits scene to “I Believe I Can Fly.” Retimed the credits to fit the music.
  33. Moved the second post credits scene (telepathic communication with pet fish, Aquaman joke) back into the main movie. It now replaces the scene in the real estate office.

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heil palpatine.


I wasn’t a big fan of Shazam, not that I didn’t like it, just wasn’t crazy about it when I saw it.
And definitely wasn’t a fan of the Superman scene, so… you got me at Black Suit Henry Cavill Superman!

Joke aside, having his face in the film is a huge thing, but that is certainly not the only great ascept of this edit.
Without all the forced or pointless jokes and cheesy bits, I felt that your edit had a logical and smooth pacing, nice transitions between added footage and above all I felt that I wasn’t missing anything that was left out of the original cut.

Great work, definitely a must upon re-watches!


Is there an edit of Shazam! somewhere that maintains the horror-esque elements?

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-Sheev Palpatine, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (2005)


Oh yes I did maintain them, actually. I liked that it had a horror vibe. I just trimmed out the most extreme elements of the violence: the closeup of the critically injured car accident victim, demon biting off the head, and the other demon beating the crap out of a victim in a wheelchair. That’s all I took out from a horror perspective.

learn about my fanedits at
heil palpatine.