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POLL: Which version of the OT do you own? — Page 2


Thanks to russs15's GTF website, I learned about my SW past...

The very first VHS tapes I ever owned were the OOT. My parents gave them to me when we got our first VHS recorder. I'm not sure what year that was, but I'm pretty sure that the tapes must have been the '87 re-release of SW, the '84 ESB and the '86 ROTJ. These disappeared, presumed stolen.

They were replaced with the '88 'All Time Greats' trilogy release. I used to love the 'All Time Greats' collection trailer at the beginning.

I forget what happened to these tapes, but I replaced them with the '91 widescreen trilogy, which I still have. I remember being very keen to get them for the widescreen picture. I also remember my parents being confused by why I thought it was so much better to have a thin letterbox picture than the full screen. Philistines...

I purchased the '95 'Faces' widescreen trilogy when it came out, which I also still have. I think I was swayed by the digital remastering and the 'last time ever' stuff.

Finally, I purchased the '97 SEs in the widescreen box set.

Out of all of these, I think the '91 set is my favourite. The '95 set, apparently, does not have the '20th Century Fox' fanfare opening on ESB and ROTJ. Instead it has the 'CBS FOX' logo and fanfare. Unfortunately, the '91 set has been my workhorse set and the '95 my time capsule. Those ole '91s are gettin' pretty fuzzy...

EDIT: Incidentally, the oldest VHS in my collection is now The Princess Bride, the fourth VHS I ever owned. I'm also particularly fond of my widescreen Blade Runner: The Director's Cut, which I bought as soon as I turned 15 (my parents were quite strict about certificating). It has a trailer for Full Metal Jacket before the film.
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I have the official RotJ set with the OOT. but I also have OCP's classic editions- the classic editions are for viewing on a Widescreen HD TV when I have access to it, and the official RotJ disc is for my standard 4:3 TV.

all are NTSC
In order of when I got them:

-'95 ANH fullscreen vhs. Christmas gift that year.
-'97 widescreen vhs boxset. Christmas gift that year.
-'04 widescreen dvd boxset. Mom got it a few weeks after it was released, it's still back at home.
-'86 ROTJ fullscreen vhs. Found it by pure chance at my video store's used vhs sale in May of '05, still in its original box after all these years and it also plays just fine!
-'95 TESB and ROTJ, both fullscreen. Found these only a week or so later at a record and tape traders. Perfect luck since I already had the '95 vhs of ANH. Perfect luck....or so I thought. ROTJ works fine but I got totally gyped on TESB. Either edge of the tape is wrinkled so there's constant static like every other second practically. And the worst part is that I saw the complete '95 boxset (probably also fullscreen) at that same record and tape traders but passed on it since I already had ANH, plus I might not have had enough cash on me for it. In any event, curses on whoever sold that TESB tape to them in the first place. I was soooooo clooooooooose.
-cowclops v2 transfer of the OT, not 4 months before LFL's out of the blue announcement.
Originally posted by: MagnoliaFan
Star Wars Trilogy - Special Edition VHS - P/S
Star Wars Trilogy - Special Edition VHS - Widescreen
Star Wars Trilogy - Special Edition VHS Reissue w/ Episode II Featurette - P/S
Star Wars Trilogy - Special Edition VHS Reissue w/ Episode II Featurette - Widescreen


Seriously, the only copy of the trilogy I bought were the 1995 pan & scan VHS tapes.
ANH orginial cbs-fox VHS
ESB orginial cbs-fox VHS
ROTJ orginial cbs-fox VHS

ROTJ Beta VHS (long story)

One of the Def LD versions (dont remember which one at this point, lol)
Until I saw a few of these posts, I thought I was the crazy fan who had everything. Was I ever wrong! Well, just to join the fun...

Pan and Scan Faces VHS Set
Special Widescreen Editon Laserdiscs of all 3 films
Definitive Collection Laserdiscs
Faces Laserdiscs of all 3 films
1997 SE Boxed Set Laserdiscs
2004 SE DVD Boxed Set
2006 GOUT/SE DVD's of all 3 films

OCPMovie's Classic Editions of all 3 films

With all of these sets, though, I still don't think I have the definitive version of the OT. I am probably going to try and get a hold of the Japanese Special Collection LD's too just to have yet another perspective, but am unsure. I'm also anxiously awaiting the X0 project. The little bit I have seen of that so far is enough to make my mouth water.
Promotional copies, my friend.
The list of versions I actually paid money for is much smaller.

As far as my personal favorite of everything, it would be the Executor VHS Set, just for how comprehensive it was.

Originally posted by: boris
Originally posted by: Darth_Evil
Not to be cruel, but boy, I though I had bought a lot of releases of the OT. How very wrong I was... I wonder if some people here are suffering from some sort of chronic compulsive buying disorder?Originally posted by: MagnoliaFan
Star Wars Trilogy - Special Edition VHS - P/S
Star Wars Trilogy - Special Edition VHS - Widescreen
Star Wars Trilogy - Special Edition VHS Reissue w/ Episode II Featurette - P/S
Star Wars Trilogy - Special Edition VHS Reissue w/ Episode II Featurette - Widescreen
Let me guess MagnoliaFan, last month sent you a letter congratulating you on being the first customer to pre-order the 30th anniversary box set, and last week you received a letter confirming this from Lucas himself? Out of all your collection, which is the best?

Finally have all 3 orginial VHS tapes!
- 1982 Star Wars Rental Library (P&S or just FS?)
- 1984 The Empire Strikes Back (P&S or just FS?)
- 1986 Return of the Jedi (P&S or just FS?)
- 1986 Return of the Jedi (Finnish rental video) (P&S or just FS?)
- 1995 Executor box-set (widescreen...)
- 1995 THX Trilogy box (P&S) (Finnish)
- 1997 Special Edition Trilogy box pan & scan (Finnish)
- 1997 Special Edition Trilogy box widescreen
- 2000 Special Edition Trilogy box widescreen (Finnish)
- 2000 Episode I pan & scan (Finnish)
- 2000 Episode I pan & scan NTSC (for sale)
- 2002 Episode II widescreen (Finnish)
- 2005 Episode III widescreen (Finnish)

- Return of the Jedi recorded p&s
- Episode I recorded (widescreen, theatrical)
- 1997 SE Trilogy recorded (widescreen)

- Episodes I & II box
- Episode III
- 2004 Trilogy box

- Some OOT (waiting for X0 )
- SW telecine
- ROTS telecine, I guess it's still somewhere...
- 1997 SE Trilogy

Yeah, I know, who asked the prequels but they are there now.

And in the time of greatest despair, there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as the Son of the Suns.

Ok, here goes... firstly home-made recordings...

Star Wars recorded from its first TV showing in 1983! Most of title crawl missing (spent ages trying to find a blank VHS cassette and missed the intro), recording starts just as the last lines of opening crawl recede into the distance. Opening battle complete though. Threepio's line about the tractor beam is in place, as is the "close the blast door" line. Didn't notice this was missing until I finally bought a VHS set with the stereo mix many years later. Also hadn't quite got the hang of hitting pause during the ad breaks, so there's a Green Cross Code advert (starring David Prowse as the Green Cross Code man) on there as well. Ought to copy that to DVD I suppose.

Empire Strikes Back - never recorded this off the TV, hadn't seen this one all the way through until I bought the box set.

Return Of The Jedi - recorded from TV in about 1990.

And now official releases:

1995 VHS THX remastered set in pan & scan (didn't have a widescreen TV, hadn't discovered the joys of widescreen yet), limited edition box set with Darth Vader on the outside.

1997 VHS SE box set in widescreen. Saw all these at the cinema, I missed it first time round as I was minus 6 months old when SW came out in the cinema (I was born in 1977).

1999 The Phantom Menace DVD

2002 Attack Of The Clones DVD

2004 SE original trilogy box set - watched once, thought it was rubbish. Bonus disc is funny though, David Prowse's undubbed dialogue in broad Bristolian! (I live about 15 miles north of Bristol...)

2005 Revenge Of The Sith DVD

2006 DVDs, bought all 3, of the SEs only ANH has ever been in my DVD player and that was simply to compare the Death Star battle against the original. Have re-encoded all 3 theatrical movies to anamorphic and watch those instead.
Originally posted by: Squirrel
Star Wars recorded from its first TV showing in 1983! Shame you didn't mention this before - it could have become another source for the Mono Mix Restoration Project!

[OT: I read an interview with Prowse once, and even though Darth Vader brought him international recognition, he actually seemed to take more pride in his role as the Green Cross Code man! OK it was a cheesy public safety campaign, but fondly remembered by anyone my age. And you can't deny it probably saved lives.
/me goes to search youtube for green cross code adverts...]

Return Of The Jedi - recorded from TV in about 1990.
If you get a chance, could you have a look at the scenes in Jabba's palace with subtitles? My TV recording of this got wiped, but I seem to remember that the subtitles looked like they were from the original theatrical prints. A giveaway was that one line was too long for the P&S frame, so the picture actually panned from left to right to show all the text!

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