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POLICE STORY - Export Cut HD Reconstruction


I’ve finished reconstructing the export version of Jackie Chan’s Police Story in true 1080p using the new 4K restoration and the upscaled copy of the export cut on the Eureka BD. I’ve left the so-so grading of the 4K master alone since that’s beyond my capacity for editing in HD.

Used 480p downscales of both masters to do the editing in Vegas 10.0 and then made an Avisynth script that conforms to the edits made. Rendering a moderately sized x264 right now to make an .MKV with.

Audio tracks will be:

  1. The original English dub
  2. New Line Cinema redub (from VHS)
  3. The Japanese TV dub (VHSrip audio from YouTube)
  4. The French dub (from the TF1 DVD).

Still looking for the Cantonese version:

If anybody can hunt down and rip that VHS, I’d love to have the Cantonese track as an option, and subtitles wouldn’t take too long to sync up.

So, a new book came out and we learned so much, and it is called, "Anguilosaurus, Killer of the Living".