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One year on...


The petition has been up for one year now. As of today, it has 2358 signatures. I'm a bit disappointed with that number - I don't know how many signatures the original DVD petition got in the first year but I was expecting near 5000 to 10,000 by this stage.

Hopefully when the "Special Edition" BDs are released it will generate more interest in getting the original versions.

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One of the problem is without the movies, interest in SW is just waning.  (very high profile but a slow dwindling none the less)


Google Insights "Star Wars" search:


The online activity behind the movies was staggering compared to the DVD releases (2004/2006) There's a slight bump after the 2004 most likely because of the Original Trilogy issue.  (2008 the Clone Wars bump, not as noticable)

Would like to trend the signature data if Jay's willing to release it.  See if there's a way to identify what events lead to getting signatures.

Actually surprised by the 2358 number, was expecting less.  In January there were around 850, thought it would dry up from there, 1 a day, but this is closer to 4-5.

Can do some of the original petition stats from the

2002.05.__ - Start?

2003.03.29 - 22,100 signatures

2004.03.23 - 56,354 signatures

2004.09.06 - 61,305 signatures

2005.07.11 - 70,716 signatures

These numbers road in on the back of the movies. 


Here's the graph for "Star Wars" "Original Trilogy"

2004 spiked interest in the topic but the GOUT release definitely got the message out.


But on the positive note, the new petition did spur interest in this site:


Of course these graphs probably don't mean much, since petitions are not really 'search' item related.  They're more about how many times they get repeated and where.  Anyone got an online tool for that?


Another reason is the lack of activity both here on the front page and on Facebook, etc.

There are many tools available and they are not being utilized.