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New User Rule: Be a member before being greedy.


I’ve noticed a large number of new users that post on threads or PM requesting where to get an edit, preservation, etc.

Checking the details of these people, they usually have been a member for one or two days and have made few or no posts at all.

Can we get a rule added when people sign up telling them not to do this? I’d never provide that sort of information to someone who hasn’t proven they are here to join the community.

Dr. M


I don’t mind that some people register only to ask for a certain edit. It’s one thing for a place like Myspleen where a lot of hit-and-run behavior is a problem, but for regular download links it shouldn’t be a problem. For people who want my ANH edit I request proof of Blu-ray ownership to the new users, and this allows everyone who’s truly interested to get what they want.

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