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Macross: Do You Remember Love? (Released) — Page 4


This is really a awesome project for one of my all time favorite anime films.

I can't wait until this is released.


Progress Report:

That's two 1 TB hard drives having died on me in the last three months. 

I was able to recover pretty much everything including the DYRL lagarith avi files and DYRL audio files. Then I backed up and downloaded the rest of the files to put onto a nice, new Synology DS415+ NAS. I thought the expense for the Synology NAS was justitifed as a back up solution.  But, even with the Synology hard drives paired into Raid 1 for mirroring, there is still a possibility of hard drive file corruption while being mirrored when one of the mirrored hard drives wear out.  I might still need another back up for my back up.  Amazon Glacier?

Yesterday, I affixed an Acelero II 120 VGA water cooler onto my Geforce gtx 580 classified 6 GB.  I'm not sure how to get this modified video card installed with the supplied screws back into my editing computer.  I'll work on installing that video card for my next week off.  Currently, my editing computer has a MSI Radeon R2 290X installed and updated.  Either video card is very good, but the older geforce card still gets a lot recommendations for video editing.  

My computers are all updated and seem to be working okay for now.

Last week, I started a monthly subscription to the Adobe creative cloud, which will be really handy for After Effects and what not.

And now I'm transferring the 600+ GB of lagarith avi video files back onto my main computer for video editing using the Synology Cloudstation.   I tried just using the regular Windows file transfer and my router network kept disconnecting, which meant the one day's worth of file transfer had to be re-started.  Fortunately, the Synology Cloudstation has a resume feature for its file transfer function.

File transfers look like it will take at least two days to sync up all the files and then I'm back to work for another week.  One more week before I actually start assembling the video clips together.

Anyways, the forum thread for up-scaling SD to HD looks to be very interesting and relevant to my project.

I have already used the Super Resolution when up-scaling the remastered DYRL DVD video to 1080p lagarith avi files.  If Dr. Dre shares very specific details about his SD to HD avisynth script, then I might use that method instead.  The Neat Video plug-in for Sony Vegas still needs to be tested out to smooth out the SD video aritifacts. Some colour correction will be needed to match up the video clips with the BD DYRL video.  

Then there is the audio and subtitles to contend with.


1st version will be an .MKV with multiple audio and subtitle choices

2nd version will be Japanese subtitle removal, more thorough colour correction, better matching of original theatrical footage to alter the BD video back and branching ending with an updated Flashback ending (Super Resolution + Neat Video + 30 fps to 24 fps film simulation? + colour correction + new credits).

3rd version BD, audio / video extras, box art, booklet assembly


Thanks for the update.

Bummer about your computer problems. Glad to hear you have a good solution.

Will you include an option for original theatrical black only end credits?



1st version is the theatrical black only end credits, which were included on the BD DYRL as a branching feature.

2nd version of the DYRL mkv will have the Flashback ending.

The Clash of the Bionoids edit will be worked on once I get the hang of putting together the theatrical and special edition DYRL videos and re-timing / sync'ing audio files.  I'm not there yet though.



I hope this project is going well! 

I'm of course grateful for any version you take your time to make, but is there a chance you could make a version where you keep the Japanese subtitles while applying all the other video and sound fixes?

Also just for clarification, is the audio/video extras referring to the censored scenes and the missing soundtrack in the 5.1 sound?


After 3 + weeks of transferring 300 + GB of DYRL lagarith avi files from my Synology back to my main editing desktop, I still have to re-do the DYRL DVD up-scale.  Nuts.  The DYRL BD lagarith avi files are working okay.

It's a good thing I kept my editing notes for up-scaling the remastered DRYL DVD because the saved copy on the Synology NAS appears to be unplayable and corrupt.   Also, I noticed that the corrupted up-scaled DYRL DVD avi was in the yuv colour space rather than the RGB colour space of the BD lagarith avi video clips.

At this point, I am going to pm Dr Dre or Andraia to see what is involved with their Super Resolution process.

The Japanese subtitles I was referring to are the burned-in Japanese subtitles into the film itself whenever the Zentradi are speaking authentic Zentradi language and not a soft subtitle that you can enable or disable.  The remastered DRYL DVD does not have any Japanese subtitles or closed captioned subtitles for the hearing impaired.  For the next version of the DRYL Theatrical project, I would like to paint out the Japanese subtitles for the Zentradi speeches and then just have soft subtitles for any language option.  

The theatrical DRYL audio was originally in mono, but was then turned into stereo for the laserdisc and DVD.   Japanese and English (TOHO dub) mono audio and Japanese stereo audio will be a part of this project. A re-built 5.1 DYRL audio will not be included in this project because that is more work than I am able to do at this time.  Maybe, later.

The audio & video extras would be DRYL soundtracks and artbooks.  The censored scenes would not be included in this project because the scenes are just a short blurry mess. 


Minor update:

Computer problems and hardware testing have been causing the delays on this project.

I still need to re-do the up-scaled theatrical DYRL DVD video, but just for those two scenes and not the whole DVD up-scaled.  With Mediainfo software, I saw that the DYRL BD is actually YUV 8bit video.  I thought RGB video was the standard for HD video?

The last DYRL DVD up-scale done was made as an RGB 8bit lagarith video.  I need to match these videos before editing.   Also, I might have to re-do the uncompressed BD video (300 GB) as well because I would like to get the 10 bit video encode feature on Tmpeg encoder working.

For the last month, I was having issues with my editing desktop computer when the main C: SSD drive would seize up for no obvious reason.  This week, I finally figured this problem out by closely studying the Asus Z97 deluxe pro motherboard manual.  Then I saw that the C: SSD was connected to an Azrock sata connection instead of an Intel sata connection. Switched the SSD to intel sata, installed and enabled Intel Rapid storage storage software and enabled intel rapid storage in the bios and it's good and stable.

Then I was also able to add in another SSD to my desktop as a Temp file placement for Sony Vegas.  I tested Sony Vegas 480p encoding and it went very smoothly without locking up. 

But, the video clips used for testing were from youtube: Flash Gordon Greatest Adventure (9 parts).  I am not sure if every video clip has the end audio faded in the first place or if it is Sony Vegas enabling the automatic Quick Audio fade feature to make every video/audio clip have a 1 ms.  I have to read through the Sony Vegas manual to disable the Quick audio fade and then double check the video file by using a different video editing software.

I noticed that Sony Vegas and Audio Forge have a time stretch feature for audio editing, so I can look at fixing the DYRL Audio Drama LP (4 parts) into one audio file to match the video.  The DYRL LP is in mono and sounds more like the original version of the theatrical DYRL than the LD.

I was interested in seeing if the DYRL LDs could be captured as hd files for preservation / restoration / colour-matching. 

I tested out two different video capture boxes for X0 LD capture from DYRL LDs: Blackmagic Intensity Thunderbolt and El gato game capture HD via Crystalio II hdmi out.  Intensity can make 720p Quicktime (uncompressed) mp4 video, PCM lossless audio captures.  El gato can make 1080p x264 (compressed) mp4 video, ac3 lossy audio captures from LDs.   So, I now have the option to mix and match the video and audio or try up-scaling the 720p uncompressed to 1080p.

I did read in one LD forum thread on orginaltrilogy that the video capture would be better using the SVHS video output from the X0 rather than the composite because the X0's inherent superior 3d comb features.  I have to see if I have the right cable connections for the svhs video to hook up the X0 to the Crystallio.

One small problem in LD video capturing is that the captured video is not centred, it's slightly skewed to the right.  The Crystalio II has a feature to manually move the picture to the left, but I have to play around with how far to the left to centre the video properly.

It does not look like I will be able to present a de-specialized DYRL theatrical video to this year's Macross World convention for next weekend.


An updated DRYL BD will be sold in January 2016 through Amazon Japan or CD Japan. Supposedly, this new DYRL BD video will have improved video and will include a director’s commentary. No details on what audio options will be included with this DYRL BD. English subtitles do not look to be included, but I keep hoping.
Also, there are no details for this DYRL BD on whether the two blurred scenes will be included as a non-blurred extra or re-incorporated back into the movie.

I did put in my pre-order for this new DYRL BD, so that just delays this project a little bit longer. In the meantime, I need to figure out how to get all the un-compressed video files into lagarith RGB 10 bit avi because that will allow the colours to be accurate and prevent compression errors for final encoding into an mkv or BD.

The current DYRL BD video is :

Format : AVC
Height : 1 080 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 16:9
Color space : YUV
Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0
Bit depth : 8 bits
Scan type : Progressive

The remastered DYRL DVD video is:

Format : MPEG Video
Bit rate mode : Variable
Bit rate : 7 912 Kbps
Maximum bit rate : 9 800 Kbps
Width : 720 pixels
Height : 480 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 16:9
Frame rate : 29.970 fps
Standard : NTSC
Color space : YUV
Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0
Bit depth : 8 bits
Compression mode : Lossy
Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.764

There is a discussion on the Macross World forum about the re-issued DYRL BD.
So far, there has been noted that the DYRL remastered DVD video is much sharper
in some scenes than the 1080p DYRL BD.

Has anybody gone into detail to compare the remastered DRYL DVD video with the

I might need to do a comparison video for myself with remastered DVD, theatrical DVD and
the DYRL BD.


Not only is the new DYRL BD unedited, but the original mono soundtrack is on the disc, too. So, it looks like this project is closed. Good news for the fans because the director actually did listen to the fans!


I have the LD audio files, but the files have not been sync’ed up to any video because I was waiting on what was the latest DYRL BD. The new DYRL BD is 13.9 seconds longer than the Director’s Cut DYRL BD due to video branching and so any LD audio files or subtitles sync’ed to the Director’s Cut DYRL BD would need to be adjusted for the longer video.

This new DYRL BD has all the bells and whistles I was hoping for minus the English Dub and English subtitles. It has mono, stereo, 5.1 and commentary soundtracks (Japanese only). It has branching video for theatrical and special edition versions with the deleted scenes fully restored and further upgrades in video quality. My copy of the DYRL BD is awaiting me at the post office to confirm the audio quality in comparison to the LD audio files.

In one way, I am a little bummed out that I spent a lot of time and money in preparation for this project, but at least someone more qualified and official made this BD happen and very likely did a way better job than I ever could.

I can package the non-sync’ed LD audio files as is and upload to Mega for next week.

Perhaps, I could do a simultaneous viewing video of each version of DYRL from Special Edition DVD to the newest DYRL BD to see if there is any room for improvement of video or colour by mixing and matching video?

Or maybe just put together the abominable Clash of the Bionoids HD restoration?


Macross LD audio and even more Macross audio files are available.
PM me with your email for web-links.

Do you remember a whole lot of Macross audio?

  1. DYRL AC3 LD
    (DYRL part 01 to 04 RAR Sync’d to Remastered;
    DRYL side part 01 and part 01 non-Sync’d)
    Dolby Surround Stereo
    .wav and .flac (2 parts each)

  2. DYRL Perfect Edition AC3 LD
    (DYRL 01 of 06 to 06 of 06)
    Dolby Surround Stereo
    .wav and .flac (5 parts each)

  3. DYRL Analog LD
    (DYRL Analog STEREO Side 01 and Side 02)
    .wav and .flac (2 parts each)

  4. DYRL Analog English LD
    (DYRL Analog MONO Side 01 and Side 02)
    .wav and .flac (2 parts each)

  5. Flashback 2012 AC3 LD
    (FB2012 Side 01)
    .wav and .flac (1 part each)

  6. SDF Macross DYRL Movie LP
    (01.m4a to 04.m4a)

  7. DYRL 5.1 split into MONO wav files
    (28 parts, WinRAR)

  8. Two Spanish DYRL dubs

  9. One Swedish DYRL dub

None of these audio files have been sync’d with the new DYRL BD video. The new BD DYRL does have the Director’s cut 5.1 audio from the last BD with its edits, the Special Edition Dolby stereo PCM audio and the theatrical MONO PCM audio.


Dose anyone here have acess to the 5.1 mix and wouldent mind DMing me it? ive got the most recent bluray release but no way of ripping its 5.1 mix.

Im that guy who likes megazone 23 a little too much


I was wondering what the analog stereo track of the original LD is (SF078-5022). Is it regular L/R, surround or dual mono?


This is what I get when I use Media Info for the properties of this DYRL LD wav.
Can you make sense of this?

Complete name : G:\Macross Extras\DYRL LD AUDIO\DYRL Side 01 ANALOG STEREO LD.wav
Format : Wave
File size : 903 MiB
Duration : 59 min 38 s
Overall bit rate mode : Constant
Overall bit rate : 2 117 kb/s
Album : SIDE 01
Track name : SDF DYRL LD
Track name/Position : 01
Recorded date : 1986
Original source form/Name : SIDE 01
Comment : SF078-5022
ITRK : 01
Format : PCM
Format settings : Little / Signed
Codec ID : 1
Duration : 59 min 38 s
Bit rate mode : Constant
Bit rate : 2 117 kb/s
Channel(s) : 2 channels
Sampling rate : 44.1 kHz
Bit depth : 24 bits
Stream size : 903 MiB (100%)


kaarma33 said:

This is what I get when I use Media Info for the properties of this DYRL LD wav.
Can you make sense of this?

Unfortunately I cannot make sense out of it. If you would be okay with it, can I PM you my email so that you can send the audio to me? If it is different from the mono track, I think it would be interesting to include the track with the small project that I’m working on, which inserts several of the corrections and the audio from the Blu-ray into the 2007 HD Remastered DVD: