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LV_426, (Prometheus fanedit) (Released) — Page 7


Started doing a little tinkering. I guess i'll start up a new thread if strangeland doesn't touch base soon, but for now I guess i'll put this here - [my skydrive]

Anyone wanna check these out? - they might not load in the browser but you should be able to download them. these are pretty rough and unrefined, just some of the first few ideas I had. I've got some grander ideas i've not tackled yet.

I've also found a lot of good stuff buried in the documentaries that I haven't incorporated yet. mostly alternate dialogue and HD alternate angles..

in the last few weeks i've looked at a few other Prometheus fanedits and it seems that none of them really tackle the parts of the film that I have issues with. I'm seriously looking at cutting out things that a lot of people seem to look meaning there might not be much of an audience for these ideas outside of myself..

at this point strangelands version seems the most interesting to me, if not as radical as i'm considering...hopefully we hear from him soon.

EDIT: just noticed that one of the clips isn't up yet, i'll see if i can sort that now - it's a sequence where i've been trying to remove David vry obviously infecting holloway's drink..


So what will be your approach then ?

well, I had some issues with the big screen version, but at the moment couldn't edit them out myself, maybe sometime next year I will be able to do it ...

and strangeland had some good points, moving or cutting elements, that made the good movie even better ;-)

Hope he will be around again soon ... but I am also interested in your take on things, Ringo!


Did you check out the link? - the clips ARE pretty rough but it's a start, i guess.

Ultimately I want something that feels more at home in the Alien saga rather than the pretentious wank of "we had a better idea.."

The original script is something I thought was interesting and would have made a fun movie - before lindelof. [it's hard to blame him though, Ridley made some really stupid decisions.

I'm happy with vaguely implying certain things like the mission going to LV 426.

My biggest problem with the story is Shaw. You can't just have her survive something like that despite all odds and tell your audience that she's a strong female lead. Noomi also struggles with the script a bit and her accent varies.

She's also an absolute bitch to people.

A lot of the plot is also geared towards birthing the creature at the very end, but it amounts to nothing - a sequel will almost certainly follow Shaw and david leaving the creature absolutely alone on the planet.

I'd like more focus on weyland the company and weyland the man.

Something else that bugs me is the lack of originality, it's all been done before. People seem to love the c-section / medpod scene but something similar was already done in Alien Resurrection.

I want to show a lot more of guy pearce throughout the film, get rid of the horrible colour grading, have Vickers stay on the Prometheus at the end - she didn't deserve the ending she got, trim characters being jerks, trim holloway being upset - they've found something amazing, even if dangerous, fix a lot of goofs and errors and I want to set things up as a prequel to Alien.

i've also got a bunch of conflicting ideas that i haven't made up my mind on.


Oh now I understand your vision ;-)

yep I watched the clip (are there more? because I only found one on that link ...)

the music over Weylands dialogue is a bit too loud, but the rest flows nicely, good concept!

yeah, I wasn't fond of the medbay scene either, it was too long and showed to much - it is the main problem of Prometheus, as I see it, that the movie skips from SciFi to Splatter, couldn't decide what it wanted to be ...

"The Thing" did a much better job at being SciFi/Splatter!


there should be some thumbnails at the bottom for some black and white clips..

If i can figure out what fomats skydrive likes for streaming i'll try upload some stuff in decent quality.

Yeah, I'm hoping to ramp up the tension with a bit less gore porn. But then it may not be integral to the story if I start pulling out other stuff.

I'm hoping it's possible to imply that taking their helmets off in the temple is what brought death and disease upon them - not David pouring black goo into Charlie's drink.

but then the medpod set actually looks really cool when you get rid of the horribl blue tones over everything.

Just a lot of tinkering at the moment, taking inspiration from strangeland and others.

What are some things that bothered you about the film?


strangeland said:

how about a dark ending where they never deploy the lifeboat, the engeneer never leaves the ship (as we find out, in alien, was facehugged), David dies with old man wayland, we are left with this (now moved) part of the transmission,


And Shaw finally gets to meet her maker.

 Yeah, I never really took it in until recently but Shaw tells David that she wants to go to Paradise...that is where her father told her that people go when they die.

Maybe she enters into some sort of death coma ala vanilla sky and their further adventures are merely an afterlife fsntasy?..


This thread right here is for an edit by strangeland. It began as the Weyland shareholder edition and may end up being called Leviticus.

The rest of us have been contributing ideas and feedback. If my suggestions prove too radical for strangeland then I will most likely begin an edit of my own - if that happens I will begin a new thread so as not to confuse things further.

The idea behind moving the action to LV 426 is mainly too to alter the film to be more like i was originally intended. The early scripts had the story take place there and at one point the film was going to be called LV 426.

Originally Ridley wanted to do something focused on 'the guy in the chair' - what eventually became the Engineer, since that was one aspect of the franchise that hadn't really been explored. Along the way the film transformed from actual prequel to vague tie-in.


I'm looking forward to this.

“Anakin had those qualities so rarely seen, exuding an unmistakable confidence and yet still able to touch one’s heart in simply knowing how he was so flawed… wounded.”


I loved the original…even though lot of crucial and awsome scenes wer cut frm da original…i have seen around 3 fanedits…of which da workprintedition is da best…would love 2 c ur take on it…plz PM me a link to ur fanedit…thank you