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Jumper edit (Released)


So I picked this movie up for a few bucks and decided to watch it just because and actually found it to be a decent movie. For those of you who don’t know, this movie stars Hayden Christensen as a wise-cracking guy who can teleport and is trying to escape Samuel L. Jackson who hunts teleporting people. The movie has some pretty good performances and decent writing but falls flat in a few important things:

  1. Music - the movie contains so little music so you are left not as excited as you would think you should be in certain scenes, when there is music, it is just in the background and serves no purpose to the emotion or story
  2. Storytelling - the movie contains several pointless scenes (examples: teleporting cars for fun, Sam Jackson attacking a guy in the forest) that don’t serve a purpose. The film also has a VERY long origin story for the protagonist
  3. Climax - the movie does not kill any of the villains and (like I mentioned before) does not contain any music during the action sequences which are actually pretty cool and contain good acting and awesome special effects
  4. The whole ending - The movie pretty much wanted to set up for a sequel that never happened
    so we end up with new enemies made, new characters introduced, and the original villain still out there!! That is in no way satisfying to any viewer, especially if you have no sequel(s) to give closure to the story. Pretty much the only plus to the ending is our protagonist gets the girl(… but… nobody actually cares about the girl).

This is a project as a first time fan-editor for practise with audio editing and some special effects. So far I am using music from the ‘Bourne trilogy’ and ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ which were also scored by John Powell and have some good music for funny and emotional parts of the movie.

Basic cutlist:
-cut mother subplot
-re-scored many scenes in the movie
-tightened up the origin story
-rearranged Samuel L. Jackson’s scenes to make him more threatening and persistent
-killed off Samuel L. Jackson
-new end
-new intro
-new title card
-cut voiceover in opening


First cut will be finished in early September 2015, PM me if you want to preview
Thread on at:

UPDATE: Version 1 finished! PM me for a preview!!

Prequel Fan-Edit thread:


Plz pm me a link…mega link?• would luv 2 c it as da definitive version of da film…thank you


Would you mind PMing me a link? I’d love to check this out.


I’ll give this a go. I always loved the idea of this story and was disappointed with the execution (and lack of a sequel). Kind of in the same boat as Hancock for me (not the execution part, but the sequel part). I enjoyed Hancock quite a bit. Before the films I hadn’t heard or read any of the original material behind them and found them to be fairly original, with great casts.