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Info: Return of Godzilla & Godzilla 1985


We finally got a US release for this entry in the series, as many know the original Japanese version is included as well as the international English Dub which was previously unavailable in the US my question though is how many versions of this movie are there and how many different audio tracks are their, so far I’ve found these

Original Japanese cut/audio
Original Japanese cut with international dub
Godzilla 1985 Monsters HD version
Godzilla 1985 cut on vhs/laserdisc with different audio/shots then the monsters HD version

Apparently the Monsters HD master was based off of a workprint of the theatrical 85 version and has subtle differences in sound and some alternate shots

There was a release of the international version on vhs with the same English dub as the blu ray but considering that for the blu ray all they did was sync the English dub with the Japanese print (because they’re exactly the same) does that mean there was a version with “The Return of Godzilla” title card before this blu ray somewhere

Just wondering, it’s not really that big of a deal but I found it interesting

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Interesting post, as a Godzilla fan, I’m interested in this, as well. I’m actually doing a project reconstructing in the style of Red Menace the International EOST (English On Screen Text) version. While I am not finished because I don’t have a final textless source for a few select shots (which I wouldn’t mind help with 😉), I do know that there are actually three Japanese audio mixes. One, the Japanese theatrical Stereo mix (the “A” mix), the Japanese mono mix, labeled the “B” mix, which was used in some theaters but mostly for home video, and the recent 5.1 upmix which we have on the Japanese BD.

Then there’s the 1985 American version, you’ve covered all of the audio versions.

For the International version, there’s the mere dub we have on the BD, but that dub is actually just the Japanese 5.1 upmix with the Japanese dialogue stems switched out with the English ones. If you listen closely, there’s subtle differences such as grunts that are in the original mono English Int’l dub that aren’t in the 5.1 upmix on the BD. That dub originally was mono and was used as an export version, which can be found on the Carlton VHS, which has the dub, as well as the English titles (which recreating them in HD is the goal of my project).

Hope that helped!


red menace reconstruction of Godzilla 1985.


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