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Info: Pres/Dups/& Boots 101 - A History Of...


Just thought I would share some history on preservations, duplicates(exact copys),bootlegs(items released in one format and upgraded to another)

Lion King
Aladin(Special thanks goes out to a guy named after a star constelation …Kids loved it) Dont worry the authers name was removed from menu by VD/red Dragon
Millers Crossing (WOW!!! that one was hottttttttt)
Song of the South
Harry and The Hendersons
Howard the Duck(I hated that movie but could not belive the 11535 people would buy that crap!!!)
Star Wars (Defin collection) A nightmare head ach ass ach ect
Star Wars Spec Ed( just taking credit for getting the art work to the right people)
Indy Jones(same as Spec Ed just getting the art work to the right people)

The Tiltes listed above were preservations that mutated into Boots(factory punched d5 or d9)
I listed them in the ordered that i enjoyed doing them or just haveing a part in them
The first 3 my kids loved and it was great for them becuase they were not allowed near the LD Player or LDs let alone the other equipment in the house another than thier own dvd player in the toy room

Maybe latter I will list my dups list in chrono order

Originally posted by: Kristhemovieman
... duplicates(exact copys) ...
Maybe latter I will list my dups list in chrono order
Not on this site, thanks.

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You weren't responible for that abortion of a dual layer Star Wars DC set that came out a couple of years ago were you?

I have that D9 Indy collection, very good that one.