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Info: Mystery Copy of Despecialized


I was digging through old copies of A New Hope on my hard drives recently, and stumbled on a copy that I can’t figure out. It appears to be an iteration of the Despecialized Edition. However, the color is more “vibrant” than the 2.7 or 2.5 releases of Despecialized.

You can see it in the screen cap I’ve provided. The top one is the mystery edition and the bottom is Despecialized 2.7. Any ideas what this mystery edition is? The coloring looks more like the 2011 Blu-ray. But it’s definitely a theatrical-based cut as there’s no CGI, etc. And it’s not the GOUT, which I also have. It’s sharper and doesn’t show other telltale signs of being the GOUT.

I rather like it! The colors look more inviting to me.


It’s probably version 1, since that’s the only version that didn’t try to emulate the color on the Technicolor prints. Version 2 onward had the yellowish color grading you see now.

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