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Idea: The Making of Revenge of the Sith (Feature Length Documentary)


Title is pending as I can’t think of anything good at the moment.

I’ve always been annoyed by the wide spread of behind-the-scenes content of the Prequels (specifically ROTS) and that the Complete Saga Blu-Ray has a lot of stuff buried within the “Collection” that most people would skip over. The DVD has some great stuff too, that was broken up into featurettes and webisodes, some of which were only on I’ve amassed all the Making-Of content that I could from a variety of sources to make a feature length documentary based around Revenge of the Sith, broken up into five chapters.

Chapter I - The Cyborg and the Jedi (38min)
The first chapter discusses the opening battle over Coruscant and talks about the ships featured, General Grevious, Dooku, digital filmmaking, lightsabers and Obi-Wan, and his progression from Episode II and then into Episode IV

Chapter II - Capital of the Republic (27min)
This one is a bit more broad and kind of a catchall for a lot of stuff, but is mostly stuff on the city planet itself. Things included are Coruscant locations, Padme, Palpatine, Mace Windu and their fight, C-3PO, and finally costume and creature design.

Chapter III - The Expanding Galactic War (35min)
Planets, planets and more planets. The Clone Wars cover a lot of planets, and so does this section. Utapau, the Utapauns and the Boga chase dominate the first section. But Order 66 is described as well and the featured planets with Kashyyk and the Wookies taking up the backend.

Chapter IV - Last Turn to the Dark Side (35min)
Anakin and his turn to Darth Vader is explored in great detail here in what I think is the longest section. Anakin as a character is discussed as well as Hayden Christianson as an actor. His development as a character across the trilogy and his darkness within, character design and costuming from his Jedi robes to his horrible burns and the Vader suit itself.

Chapter V - The Fires Within (21min)
The last chapter covers Mustafar and the surprising miniatures that make up the planet. This is covered amazingly in “Within A Minute” so there’s just a few tidbits here as well as some of the new Imperials being talked about. The rest shows some of the premiere, the joy from within the fanbase and the cast/crew and the conclusion of the journey of Episode I-VI.

The current cut is 2:38, which is longer than the film itself. But considering this was cut down from 5 hours of footage, it ain’t bad. I’ll continue to make cuts here and there to fasten things up.

Rough cuts are as follows (these have been updated since with more footage and cleaner cuts)

Battle Over Coruscant, Grevious and Obi-Wan -
Utapau, the Utapauns and the Boga chase -
Order 66, Kashyyk and Wookies -



  • One World, Two Movies
  • Two Worlds, One Movie
  • We Still Do A Little Bit
  • Creating General Grevious
  • This Weapon is Your Life
  • Video Village
  • Epic Designs for an Expanding Universe
  • C3PO: His Moment to Shine
  • Becoming Obi-Wan
  • The Wookies Are Back
  • B107: The Life of a HD Tape
  • Bringing Creatures to Life
  • Becoming Sideous
  • Going to the Dark Side
  • The Journey: Part 1 and 2

Episode III DVD (2005)

  • Anakin: The Chosen One
  • Its All For Real - The Stunts of Episode III

The Star Wars Trilogy Boxset Bonus Disc (2004)

  • The Return of Darth Vader: Episode III Preview

Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-Ray (2011)

  • Coruscant, Utapau, Order 66/Kashyyk and Mustafar Overviews
  • The Collection: Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Tion Medon, Burnt Anakin and Imperial Officer Costumes
  • Utapau Sinkhole, Mustafar Mountain, Kashyyk Tree, Felucia Landscape, Boga, Arc 170 and Jedi
    Starfighters, The Invisible Hand, Grevious Models Minatures and Maquette
  • Interviews: Samuel L Jackson, Natalie Portman, Ewan McGregor and Blue Screen Acting Discussion


  • Star Wars Episode III: ILM Siggraph 2005 Reel

If anyone has any other sources for addition into the project, feel free to suggest them.


Ooh…this is promising.

Edit: There is a “feature length” documentary on the making of Episode III (Within a Minute). Do you plan to integrate that material as well or does this sort of stand alongside it?


Octorox said:

Ooh…this is promising.

Edit: There is a “feature length” documentary on the making of Episode III (Within a Minute). Do you plan to integrate that material as well or does this sort of stand alongside it?

There is so much material in there and it’s such a good doco into the making of the Mustafar section of the film, that I thought it was best to leave that along and create a second one so that I don’t end up making a 4 hour long slog that becomes a bore.


I’ve got a rough cut up now if anyone would like to preview it. It’s mostly technically sound and I know what needs fixing, but I wouldn’t mind getting some fresh eyes to see if the whole things flows as a feature, or if it’s better as a few segments episodically.


Here’s the complete Chapter II, focusing in on Coruscant and the characters that inhabit it. I’m still working on some technical stuff like nametags below some of the people, but it’s pretty much polished to a point where I am happy with it.