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Idea: Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The Ultimate Cut


Like many people, I was very dissatisfied with The Last Jedi, mainly due to the characterization, storytelling, the amount of plot holes and inconsistencies, etc. For a while now I have been planning on making own edit, combining in changes and ideas from other edits such as Ivan Ortega’s re-edit, poppasketti’s “The Last Jedi: Rekindled”, Hal 9000’s “The Last Jedi: Legendary”, etc., while implementing my own changes.

I will be listing the changes from myself and said edits, including planned changes that I might do in the future (if I have the time, resources, and some help). And, of course, some changes are actually placeholder.


  • Insert the Walt Disney opening logo in the very beginning, because Lucasfilm is (obviously) owned by Disney now
  • Make a new opening crawl establishing that Rey has been “travelling across the stars to find the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker” (implying that some time has passed in-between NeverarGreat’s edit for The Force Awakens and this edit)
  • Before the Dreadnought arrives, insert deleted scene of a Resistance officer telling Poe that the First Order has found the Resistance
  • Insert subtitles when BB-8 beeps “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…” before the opening Poe and Hux scene
  • Color-correct/desaturate the video game footage in Ivan’s edit to match with the film, so it wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb
  • Insert Wilhelm scream somewhere in the movie (maybe in the opening Dreadnought battle or on Crait)
  • Edit the re-inserted shot of Kylo in Ivan’s edit to trim the close-up of his face so we can preserve the impact of seeing his face for the first time in the movie in Snoke’s throne room
  • After Finn asks “Where’s Rey?”, we cut to the Falcon in hyperspace at the end of The Force Awakens
  • Instead of tossing his father’s saber, Luke gives it back to Rey and tells her that he’s sorry (similar to the Anti-Cringe Cut)
  • Insert deleted scene of Luke mourning Han (no close-up of Rey peeking at the door)
  • Insert deleted scene of Poe giving Finn his jacket before the “You’re demoted” scene
  • Cut Leia slapping Poe, we just go straight to her telling him “You’re demoted.”
  • Cut Luke milking an animal and drinking green milk and going fishing (the latter scene is saved for the training montage seen in Ivan’s edit)
  • Trim the Luke and Rey “Where are you from?” scene to have it just be Luke asking “Where are you from?” and Rey mentioning Jakku
  • Luke doesn’t tell Rey that he will never train another generation of Jedi, he just tells her “I can’t teach you.”
  • Luke doesn’t want the Jedi to end: when Rey asks why Luke can’t train her, he just hesitates.
  • Finn doesn’t believe that hyperspace tracking is impossible, because he mopped the tracker room
  • Re-insert deleted scene of BB-8 showing Finn a holographic recording of Rey in The Force Awakens
    *Luke doesn’t explain to Rey why the Jedi need to end (sorry, no Darth Sidious mention): instead, we cut immediately to him telling her how he failed Ben
  • We see the visions when Luke reads Ben’s mind, before cutting straight to him igniting his saber (based on Darth Porg’s video)
  • Remove Yoda lifting his finger before the lightning hits the tree. Force ghosts using lighting creates a massive plot hole, that’s why I removed it.
  • Trim the ironing scene to remove the iron landing as if it were a shuttle (the clothing scene is necessary to show why Finn and Rose got First Order uniforms for a disguise)
  • Trimmed Rey saying “You underestimate Skywalker, and Ben Solo, and me!” to only have her say “You underestimate Skywalker!”
  • Remove Snoke saying Rey’s name, as we don’t know how he knew her name
  • Remove Snoke referring to Kylo as the “heir and apparent of Lord Vader”
  • Fix “frame-freeze” error in Ivan’s version of the throne room fight
  • Remove Kylo mentioning the Sith during his ”it’s time to let old things die” speech
  • Fixed the “blue” space background when Ackbar is going to sacrifice himself in Ivan’s edit
  • Trimmed the scene where Hux looks at Snoke’s corpse to remove the silly close-up
  • Add a scene of Luke looking at the twin suns and uses the Force to lift his X-Wing before flying to Crait, using footage from this CGI fan film. (Sorry, but it’s the best I could do, it’s also placeholder for now)
  • We don’t get the projection reveal: instead, we cut to a shot of Rey, as we hear Kylo slashing Luke. (I’m removing the “Luke is a projection” reveal and having him actually go to Crait instead in order to avoid being too similar to Escape from L.A.)
  • The film ends as the Falcon enters hyperspace, meaning no broom kid
  • After the credits, we hear Palpatine’s sinister laugh from the teaser for The Rise of Skywalker, setting up said film
  • Put the ending Walt Disney logo (seen in many current Disney credits) after the end credits


NOTE: Some will require help from other users, and some will be done at a later time because I don’t have the proper camera, software and effects. At the moment I am using Filmora, and it doesn’t have features like rotoscoping or selecting one thing and color-correcting just one or more details like in Photoshop. I’m just some dude who lives with my family, and I’m very, very limited on editing and all that.

  • Edit the sky in the first Rey and Luke scene to be consistent with The Force Awakens
  • Replace the rotoscoped footage of Ackbar in Ivan’s edit with a new version of Ackbar that looks 100% consistent with his other appearances in the sequel trilogy, and redub his lines to sound more accurate (the computer I’m working with has an awful microphone)
  • Change Holdo’s hair color to a natural hair color (e.g. blonde)
  • Edit Luke’s hair and beard on Crait to accurately match with his other appearances in the film (in terms of length and color)


  • Color grading of the whole movie
  • Remove Lieutenant Connix saying “Oh, no”
  • Cut General Hux looking at a First Order officer after saying “A single light fighter…”
  • Re-cut the prank call scene to make Hux’s monologue and, well, remove the prank call.
  • Cut Leia telling C-3PO to “wipe that nervous expression off your face!”
  • Trim and re-cut BB-8 fixing Poe’s X-wing</li>
  • Re-insert deleted shot of Paige Tico shooting the TIE fighters
  • Insert Battlefront footage of X-Wings and TIE fighters
  • Re-insert deleted scene of Paige Tico taking the mask off and looking at the medallion, as well as put dramatic music over it
  • Insert voiceover explaining how the bombs fall
  • Re-insert deleted shot of Kylo looking through the window
  • Finn has a dream of the duel with Kylo in The Force Awakens, motivating him to wake up
  • Added in shot of the island to imply that time has passed
  • Trim the Chewie and Luke scene to remove Rey translating for Chewie
  • Remove Snoke saying “A new Vader…”, and it’s now Kylo looking up to Snoke as he mentions “Now, I fear… I was mistaken.”
  • Remove Snoke telling Kylo to “Take that ridiculous thing off!”
  • Cut shot of the Praetorian Guards bringing out their weapons after Snoke strike Kylo with lightning
  • Remove Snoke telling Kylo that “he is no Vader”, he just says “Alas, you’re just a child in a mask…”
  • Insert repurposed footage of Admiral Ackbar in Return of the Jedi with new voiceover, as he explains that there may be a spy on the ship
  • Re-cut many scenes and bonus material to make a training montage with voiceover
  • Trimmed most of the Canto Bight sequence, including the humor
  • The Praetorian Guard fight is re-scored and parts of it is a bit faster (also Rey shouting during the fight is cut)
  • Fixed the infamous error of a Praetorian Guard’s blade being dusted by Thanos disappearing
  • Trimmed the “Rey is nobody” reveal to just have it be Kylo telling Rey that her parents are dead, with dramatic music inserted
  • Trimmed the build-up to Rey and Kylo’s “Force tug-of-war” to remove the hand shots, in order to make it less obvious
  • Ackbar sacrifices himself instead of Holdo
  • Insert Battlefront footage of a Speeder on Crait
  • Luke has his lightsaber (both the blade color and the hilt) from Return of the Jedi
  • Other minor changes


  • When the TIE fighters hit the ship, instead of us seeing Leia and the crew members getting sucked into space, the screen goes white, as we see a shot of the Raddus from above
  • Insert a shot of Poe, Finn, and Connix reacting to flying Leia, which is now repurposed into them reacting to the Raddus getting hit
  • Leia doesn’t fly in space, and we cut straight to Hux talking about fuel to Resistance doctors putting an oxygen mask on an unconscious Leia
  • Removed Finn fighting Phasma and BB-8 in an imperial walker, as well as rotoscoped BB-8 into the scene where Finn and Rose are running towards the shuttle (+ shot of Phasma’s corpse)
  • Re-inserted the deleted “where we belong” scene
  • Rose is shot down just after Finn says “No, I won’t let them win.”
  • Finn gets shot down by an imperial walker instead of being crashed into by Rose.
  • Rotoscoped Finn and Rose out of the battering ram cannon firing and explosion. Added reaction shot from Kylo Ren.


  • Made it appear as though Finn and Rose follow DJ out of the cell, briefly elude the guards, and the scene ends. Next time we see the trio, they are already in hyperspace.
  • Removed Rey asking Kylo Ren if he has a cowl to put on
  • Trimmed the heavy, direct hinting before Snoke’s death, using musical score from TFA (courtesy of user poppasketti)
  • Removed Rey’s triple-TIE combo shot, with the Falcon’s involvement in the battle being first revealed with its shadow sweeping by and a single TIE being shot down


I want to let you know to keep in mind that this edit is not perfect, and I’m going to be releasing a “rough cut” of the edit by December 25, 2019. After I release the “rough cut”, I’m going to be making some more changes. Also, I am open to suggestions (including Vimeo clips in the comments that require passwords), so let me know in the comments below!


Ivan Ortega
Hal 9000
Don Kamillo
NeverarGreat (for the fact that his edit sounded so good that I wanted mines to take place after it)
Darth Porg

The unfortunate reality of the Star Wars prequel and Disney trilogies is that they will always be around. Forever. They will never go away. It can never be undone.

I also prefer to be referred to as “TNT”, not “Freezing”.