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[IDEA / help needed] Over The Garden Wall - a movie fan edit


I love Over the Garden Wall. It’s a great mini-series.
But, being that it’s so short, I’m thinking of combining all the episodes into a movie.
In theory, this shouldn’t be too hard. If I just merge all the episodes together, and remove the title cards / credits from them, as well as add some fade out effects between them.

But what would I do about the end credits?
I would want this movie edit to have end credits, that takes all the names of everyone who worked on this series.
Would this need to be re-animated then? Can anyone help me with that?

I’m also thinking of adding in the “Tome of the Unknown” pilot into this fan edit. Between episodes 3 and 4 seems like a good place for it, in theory.
Here’s Tome, uploaded to YouTube by the official Cartoon Network channel:
I know this has some inconsistencies from the original series, but I think I might be able to work around them.
The dialogue mentioning searching for the book can be replaced by some dialogue from the original series of searching for Adelaide, and Wirt’s surprised reaction to the living vegetable or the car could be edited out. The narration can also be replaced with just the music. Because the original series only had narration at the very start and very end, and I think it would be better to stay that way.
However, there are still two problems with Tome of the Unknown that wouldn’t be as easily fixable.

  1. Beatrice is voiced by a different actress here, so there would be an inconsistency of voices.
  2. It ends with them riding on Goose, but, of course, Goose is nowhere in the main series, and I don’t think there’s even any audio dialogue that could be used to explain where Goose went to.
    So, would it even be practical to include Tome of the Unknown into this edit?

LOST - The Incident (s5 finale) - Silent White-Out Credits edit


I would just stick with doing fade ins/outs in between each chapter and splicing them together also I would suggest checking IMDB, they usually list all of the crew involved. Good luck 😃.