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HEIRS OF THE FORCE (Eps 7-8 mashup)


Hello, forum! Haven’t been here in a while, but an idea struck me just yesterday. Do any of you think it would be possible to do a mashup of Episodes 7 and 8, but not simply in chronological order with stuff cut out. Rather, would there be a reasonable way of having the mashup open on Ahch-To with Luke already training Rey? Thereafter she could be involved in helping the Resistance, but would no longer qualify as a “Mary Sue.”

Open to any and all suggestions!



I think it’d be pretty easy to establish Rey in TLJ. A custom crawl explains the Republic has brought peace to the galaxy, but cannot crush the last remains of the Empire on Starkiller Base. Then the finale from TFA plays - Han is killed early on, Rey holds her own against Kylo, but Poe fails to destroy the base in time. It fires and destroys Coruscant.

Rey reaches Ach-To within the first 15 minutes. With the Republic gone the mission of Leia’s Battalion is simple - escape. And they are banking on Luke to save the day.

Finn can stay unconscious throughout. He is not needed because without TFA he won’t be an established character yet, and can easily be pushed to the sidelines. Instead we’d follow Rey and Poe.

Poe’s plan would be mutiny the Raddus, then attack the Supremacy dead on in hopes of temporarily disabling the engines and escaping. It’s dangerous but the only option he can think of. Instead of Holdo and Leia keeping the plan a secret, I’d change it to a public plan centered around Luke. Throughout the movie Leia will have faith that her brother will return, until she finally gives up on Crait - just as the Last Jedi answers the call.

However, while this might sound like a tighter TLJ, I’d actually advise against this. I think TFA is enjoyable and not worth cutting out. Rey’s character origin is a small price to pay for a good Star War Episode.

Maul- A Star Wars Story


I am in the early stages of an edit that would be a 3 in 1 version of the Sequel Trilogy- I have lots of ideas, but they may change once IX comes out, and I won’t be able to start editing until it is available- while my story is mostly centered around Leia, Han, and Luke, Rey would start out as a “viewpoint character”, much like Luke in the originals and we would follow her as she becomes a hero by the end. But the idea of her starting as a Jedi in training instead of a scavenger is interesting, I’m very curious about this!


Thanks for your feedback, guys. I’m approaching this very loosely at the moment; but like others have said, it’s hard to solidify any plans before seeing Ep9.

I don’t want to cut too much of TFA, but may have to chop a significant chunk of it in order to avoid depicting Rey as being on her own and without training. I’ve been replaying TFA’s plotline in my head, just mentally experimenting with what I could cut if I begin with Rey already on Ahch-To rather than on Jakku.

  • Prologue: a montage (using particularly good fan-film and some video-game clips) giving viewers a sense of key developments (continuing fight against the Imperial Remnant; new Jedi-in-training; Jedi students going to the dark side and forming the Knights of Ren)
  • The crawl would establish the basic facts of the First Order, Luke’s Jedi school, and the formation of the Knights of Ren
  • The crawl would also mention the First Order’s intent to track down Force-users and either eliminate or destroy them

From TFA:

  • Poe on Jakku (searching for potential Jedi students, NOT a “map to Luke”)
  • Finn’s crisis of conscience; the two of them meet up as in the original, BUT…
  • …when they escape the Star Destroyer, they don’t get shot down over Jakku; Poe mentions returning to get BB8, and we cut there; it’s assumed they did rescue the droid

Question: Why/how can I get Han, Chewie, Rey and Finn to Takodana, to meet with Maz Kanata, so as to get Rey her “special moment” with Luke’s lightsaber . . . OR . . . should I skip that entire sequence and simply jump to the Resistance planning session for attacking Starkiller Base???


I’ve been thinking of something like this myself. It might help to wait for more footage from Rise of Skywalker.


I think maybe – just maybe – I’ve hit upon a solution to the Jakku thing…

  • prologue depicting some post-OT events, training of new Jedi – including Rey (maybe even using shots of her on Endor from Ep9)
  • Crawl with rise-of-First-Order explanation and both sides tracking down Force-users, leading to Jakku; crawl actually names Han, Chewie, Poe and Rey as being sent to Jakku as part of the hunt – but Poe separates and goes to a different part of Jakku
  • Poe captured, teams up with Finn
  • Rey acquires BB8 and Finn; they board the Falcon
  • HAN AND CHEWIE are flying the Falcon, NOT Rey; could insert later TFA footage of Han and Chewie in the cockpit

Might this work???