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Force sensitivity: Can it be "acquired"?


In your conception of a midichlorian-free prequel universe, is it possible for a person to be born not a Force-sensitive and then somehow obtain it? How is it done, learning arcane lore? Touching a Holocron? Mutation at puberty? I know the Force works in mysterious ways, but I've always been fascinated by other OT fans' conception of who gets Force sensitivity.


In my personal canon, Force-sensitivity is basically a result of how the individual genes of a living individual come together and interact to form that individual; these individuals don't have "Force-sensitive" genes as such -- the way their genetic makeup is arranged simply affects how they're tuned into the Force.

Now, normally this is something one is born with, but there are ways Force-sensitivity can be induced in non-sensitives.


Altering an individual's genetic makeup can also affect how said individual is tuned into the Force. It doesn't even have to be a major alteration; something as mundane as changing their eye or hair colour could do the job.

As each person is tuned into the Force in a different way, however, it's impossible to figure how each individual should be modified to activate Force-sensitivity within them, so using genetic modification is a largely fruitless method to get the job done.


This is using Force-based sorcery -- light, dark, or otherwise -- to graft Force-sensitivity onto non-sensitives.


Implant a non-sensitive embryo in the same womb (natural or artificial) a Force-sensitive embryo is occupying, and given enough time, Force-sensitivity will "rub off" onto the non-sensitive embryo, bestowing them with the ability to touch the Force.

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I'm in the camp of thinking that anyone in the Star Wars universe can have power in the Force, but there are different way in which it can be gained. The Jedi can gain power in the force through their Yogic practices and the Sith can gain it quickly through these same practices plus an aggressive mindset. In my personal view, nobody is born with ability in the Force. Aside from being a pretty good pilot, Luke had no special Force abilities until Ben began training him, and Leia didn't have them until Luke suggested the possibility. Genetics may predispose someone to being more suggestive to the Jedi's training regimen, but that is about where genetics ends for me in being the basis for Force sensitivity.

I believe that some people in the Star Wars universe (Rebels) see the Force as a sort of sentience, a Godlike power if you will, that people can gain by fighting for a just cause, which is why the rebel commanders will say 'may the Force be with you'. Whether or not that aspect of the Force actually exists in this universe is up for interpretation.

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I always imagined that Force powers was like being a muscian or a martial artist..anyone can play chopsticks or throw a punch or kick but only a few can be beethoven or bruce lee. 

Being a jedi knight IMO just meant that those people had dedication and a gift much like jimi hendrix who literally slept with his guitar which meant he practiced ALOT and had a gift of music as he was self taught. 

No one says that chopin had bacteria in his blood and thats why he did what he did musically so why not that kind of thing for jedis??