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FORUM RULES UPDATE: Relaxation of Custom DVD rules & clarification of policy for posting links


Custom DVDs

We introduced the Custom DVD definition a few years ago, to cover projects which were essentially the same as the retail release, but with differences in technical details such as sound mix or picture quality.

You can find a partial list of Custom DVD projects here - basically Custom DVDs are projects such as converting the letterboxed video to anamorphic, converting PAL to NTSC, adding an alternative audio mix, and so on. These projects did not sit in the “fan edit” or “preservation” category.

At the time, we considered that Custom DVDs were not substantially different enough from the retail release to allow for discussion about their distribution. Since then, forum posts containing any such discussion have been getting deleted.

Admittedly this wasn’t clear in the rules, you had to read all the way down to item 8b to find the relevant text, and this distinction was missed by many people - which led to a fair amount of posts being deleted.

On reflection it is doubtful that any studio looking to sue us would draw a distinction between a Custom DVD and a Fan Edit. Therefore, we have decided to relax this rule; from now on discussion about the distribution and sharing of Custom DVD projects will be allowed.

Linking Policy

Which brings me neatly round to the need to clarify the forum’s policy on posting links. There is no change to the previous policy, which is repeated below:

The only direct media links allowed are for short trailers, or short samples to demonstrate quality. You may also post direct links to fan-created DVD elements such as artwork, subtitle streams and unreleased/obsolete audio (this is NOT the same as rare/out-of-print. If in doubt, ask a moderator first.)

You may not post direct links to music albums, fan-created or otherwise.

Do not post links to torrents, Rapidshare/Megaupload or NZB files for downloading copyrighted materials, nor links to sites hosting such files. You are however allowed to mention names of websites or newsgroups where fan edits, preservation or custom DVD projects can be found.

Do not post links to websites selling bootlegs/silvers, or eBay auctions for non-official media.

In summary:-

“PM me for the download links to my project” - is acceptable.

“Now available on a.b.starwars” - is acceptable.
“Click HERE for NZB” - is not.

“Torrent uploaded to piratebay” - is acceptable.
“Get the torrent at www.atorrentsite.com” - is not.

“Mega links are available at fanedit•info” - is acceptable.
“Mega links can be found on this page” - is not.

“look for the Star Wars Fixhund file with pcm audio in 1080p on tpb” - is acceptable.
“Star.Wars.IV.1977.MULTI.VFF.1080p.PCM.AC3.x264-Fixhund on tpb” - is not.

Furthermore, obfuscated or hidden links (ie, links behind an icon or a single character in the post text etc) are still considered direct links, will be removed - and will result in a ban.


Guidelines for post content and general behaviour: read announcement here

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