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Enter the Dragon (a WIP)


I have been recently looking in to Enter the Dragon and the deleted scenes contained within Game of Death 2.

Also not only this but for the special edition Bruce Lee’s voice was over dubbed and some of his original lines exist to replace them from a recording.

I am wondering has anyone attempted this to make an ultimate cut. There are also some minor differences between versions also from the theatrical version and the special edition (uncut) version where some very minor seconds have gone by the wayside.

If you are interested I would be interested in discussing the actual shot’s in “game of death 2” and trying to ascertain where they fit into “Enter the Dragon”

Also any differences between Mono Sound mix and Special edition.

You can watch Game of Death 2 on youtube. Personally I think it would be a great project to do If it has not already been done.

Project Summary


Make the film look like it is from it’s era again the 70’s it was a gritty picture it’s lost it’s original look and feel.
Restore theatrical footage if possible
I want to avoid doing lot’s of edits any edits will be simple edits I don’t want to radically alter the film
I may try to address the jump cuts and minor fixes this is not yet decided


All missing music cues and sound will be restored
Some Audio from the cantonese version will be put in amalgamating the 2 mixes to make, in some instances a new audio track but it will be focused towards restoring original intent from Golden Harvest and not so much to change the film and make it differ more so as to fill out the sound mix and make the most complete version.


Well I just bought this off ebay (fairly rare) apparently it is the closest you can get on DVD to the actual theatrical cut. What that exactly means is yet to be seen. But even though I want to put Bruce Lee's voice back for the Abbott scene I really want to re-instate the theatrical cut at the end or something very similar.

So really it all boils down to literally a few seconds as to having the keys to some of the theatrical material but also the music cues. If this does not represent the theatrical cut very accurately then really the edit might not happen.

I used to have a pan & scan one, but I traded it in when the Special edition cut came out. And then when the proper fully uncut version came out I did the same traded in the fake uncut version for the current release.

It will get delivered next week....

Anyone have the theatrical cut on laser disc?


Team Olie said:

Why not give it a shot yourself?

Ronster said:




TV's Frink said:

Team Olie said:

Why not give it a shot yourself?

Ronster said:



 Well I said I hold the current version I actually don't I have the iconic films release of the supposed uncut version or US edition and not the old international. I like the colors though!!!

Yes crickets sound effects might be needed in palace grounds at night :)

Boy a lot of scratches and blotches and jump cuts too in this. (jump cuts might need after effects job)

EDIT^ Nah you can get a squeaky clean new version but I think the grittyness of the release I have really lends itself to both the soundtrack and the feel sort of grindhouse. It's not the sort of film you want to watch being ultra clean it works better with grit and grime. I think old school is the way forward.

God knows how many versions I will have to buy of this film but I know the HKL releases are of good quality but I suspect I have bought the Asian version in this instance until it arrives I won't know.

Am I just dreaming or was the music removed from the cat on the guillotine with Roper & Han in his museum?

Apparently there are 4 music changes from the current edition edit than the original theatrical release.

Calling out again to any Laser disc holders regarding original sound mix differences.


you can see a comparison below of P&S vs current release.

And the three missing music and sound the 4th change is relation to the altered footage displayed in the link above.


Remember this?

I think this one rings a few bells not just the police siren then that got bodged up when williams escapes the cops.

This edit is going to happen, I have asked around for the laser disc here to no avail I have even offered to buy a copy of it and post it for for someone to rip / capture the audio and video.

I just bought game of death 2 for the deleted scenes just now so that should arrive soon.

This project will be worked on over the holiday period, been a bit busy with other commitments recently

DVD Cover Concept.

I think the back cover needs some work

The Story so far…

Ok I have also just purchased the cantonese version of ETD this has much of the missing audio contained within it’s sound mix. Getting closer but still need that Laserdisc now probably only for video.

Fortune Star – Bruce Lee Ultimate DVD Collection (Hong Kong)

Aspect ratio: Widescreen (2:35:1) anamorphic
Sound: Cantonese (DTS 5.1), Cantonese (Dolby Digital 5.1), Cantonese (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono), Mandarin (DTS 5.1), Mandarin (Dolby Digital 5.1)
Subtitles: Traditional, Simplified Chinese, English
Supplements: Original trailer, new trailer, still photos, slideshow of photos, celebrity interviews, unseen footage, Game of Death outtakes, Enter the Dragon alternate opening, 32-page booklet
Region 3, NTSC
Been researching all day now time for a break…


A quick comparison of the Abbot scene

The IVL Golden Harvest

The IVL features one long take for the scene and has more image at the top and the sides

Old Uncut Warner Version

The Warner version cut’s to a zoomed in version of the scene rather than one whole take

Warner new version

Restores the shot to one take but the framing is yet again different

Game of death 2

The extension to the scene found in game of death 2 has more information at the sides but is cropped vertically at the top and more information at the bottom, potentially making the footage difficult to use unless the IVL is cropeed vertically also to match as Bruce walks past the camera or the GOD2 footage cropped or try to amalgamate both some how by masking them together. perhaps a pan down might do the trick or a zoom out. Blending the 2 won’t be easy either.

proper 2:35:1 aspect ratio on GOD2



I still have yet to be in possession of the Golden Harvest release because I am waiting for it to be delivered from over seas. This is holding things up a bit as I am not going to bother ripping the sources until I have that and do it all in one hit.

Good news though I should also have a rip of the Laserdisc also soon. So I am excited for this edit and a few major decisions have been made and various planning out the sound mix and taking notes are more or less complete.

As far as the Abbot scene goes which was never in the theatrical release it was always in the Asian release and although part of me wants to cut this scene as the film I remember never had it in there, the decision to currently keep it comes to this.
It’s the Last film Bruce Lee completed and it’s also one of the only films to actually contain his real voice. I think it is very important to put Bruce Lee’s voice back in there as the lines exist for all but one bit of dialogue…

When Bruce mouths “Yes I understand” (dubbed by John Little Documentary film maker) There is no Audio for this line. So I have been looking for sound bites to re-create this line from Bruce Lee’s voice so this has also been a bit time consuming but I think I have found the sound bytes that I need for this.

But this also perhaps gives us a clue as to what was meant to be in the film as the Abbot starts to waffle and his Lines do not match his mouth movements after a certain point where as they do at the begining so I am undecided as what I will do about this as of yet.

Let’s also not forget the obvious change of season between the opening fight and this being clearly set in the winter… So perhaps there are better ways to handle such a scene rather than concentrating on linking it up with the Mr Braithwaite conversation in fact you are witnessing my decision making process by reading this and that has perhaps just tipped to full blown conclusion.

This won’t start proper until next week.

Another quick observation this time from the new Blu-Ray (40th Anniversary edition)

The sound of Lao kicks have been modified I’ll be keeping the original sound but they re-syched Bruce Lee’s Voice to match his lips on “Thats it” About time but I will be fixing that anyway. Lao also will get angry before he is told off for it in this version.


Ok here is a test Clip


As you can see the Monk Scene has been cut from this version now. Sorry but It had to go for numerous reasons. There will be other bits of extra footage though some are already in the timeline and look good and I can see that works.

The project has grown in scope a bit, as I am doing a lot of color correction (whole film) I hope you like what I have done just want it to look a bit more like it used too. I am using the old Warner special edition actually the Diagostini release I got as the sound mix is better balanced and more similar to how I remember the film and the Cantonese version for extra audio mainly but there is one extra bit of footage from there.

As this is the first major edit I have ever decided to do as I have always just messed about a bit, I would like to encourage anyone that can give feedback and give me any hints or tips to make better please let me know.

I am in for the long Haul on this one. I am about 50 minutes through the film color corrected and some have had a second pass. Some of the color correction was very difficult but I think some of the shots look better than whats in the 25th Anniversary edition which is soft and furry like the new Blu Ray.

Basically I am on a steep learning curve with new software and stuff so bare with me, If it means I have to start again I will because this is something I really want to do. and I have struggled to find the movie I want to do… this is the one.


Happy New Year…

Time for a quick update.

I am about half way through this now or very nearly half way.

The Video is practically done up to the banquet scene and the audio is more or less done up until Bruce goes out into the palace gardens at night.

Here is a quick list of what has been done so far.


Color correction on parts of the film source that needs it
Cut Abbot scene restored original transition and music
Extra Footage of Diver pulling girl up the beack only found in Fortune star release and extra shot of Bruce
Extra shots of Bruce and his Dad and Buddha transition restored
Exrea shots of Bruce getting to his room before the Banquet


Extra Birdsong at the start of main music opening
Lao makes a yell before Bruce tells him off for Anger rather than “Emotional Content” (Cantonese mix)
New Sound mix on Bruce Flashback incorporating all extra sound from Cantonese mix bar crows in Grave yard
Added sound of Girl talking to mother during Roper’s Boat Ride
Kids Laughter at Williams waving Cantonese mix
Restored Police Siren and kept music also enhanced sound effects during williams Flash Back (night)
New Sound Mix when the Boat Departs incorporating sound effects from Cantonese mix
When Parsons Get’s tricked to getting on the boat the crew Laughter has been used from Cantonese mix also
AT the Jetty Sound for guards with crates and footsteps used from Cantonese Mix
The Banquet new Sound mix and extra music at the end only found in Cantonese Mix
Bruce training in his room has a new sound mix incorporating the Cantonese mix
Extra Sound for the Guards training in the courtyard
Sound mix almagamated during sections of Williams and Ropers Fights particularly the crowd (Cantonese mix)
The old man Gambling with Williams and Roper now has a voice

So I’ll post a clip soon, but I also have a question about the Bruce Lee ultimate Box set (Fortune Star) Does anyone have it?

And can anyone tell me what the special feature entails “Unseen Footage” on the Bonus Disc?

Is this to do with Game of Death or is it all his films? Apparently it is set to music…

Many Thanks

I plan to post a clip for the Banquet soon but currently the audio and video are not married up in the editor.

Whoops extra footage that I missed!!!

Williams watches Parsons being a prick on the boat… This will need to be de-logoed but this is definitely worth it as later he smashes his face in so I think this will be a nice addition.

If you can point me to extra footage please do so!


I will check the Laserdisc for that shot tonight. Moderator

Where were you in '77?


I don’t think it was ever in the film… It’s from the trailer Han’s Island and fairly good quality I have exported it as an image sequence using Adobe media encoder and gimped it.

I cleaned it up and de-blocked the sky and removed the logo it’s in a usuable state for all 2 seconds of it.
It actually sorts the jump cut I think it goes just before the shot where Parson starts bothering Bruce Lee.

While I was at it I fixed the missing frame where Bruce ducks in the Palace Gardens Jump cut

Then I also Fixed the Shadow appearing suddenly Behind the Nurse, The Shadow is there Contantly now… That was about 120 Frames of putting Bruce shadow in between her legs 😃

The IVL Golden Harvest has most of the missing frames when Bruce hides behind the plant pots also on the Palace Gardens not sure about the Laser Disc?

So I really am quite Happy to say that I only have 1 Jump cut left. I need the footage of Mei Ling When she first goes to Bruce Lee’s Room in decent quality now wether that exists in good quality is another matter but It was in a VHS version could have been the pre-cert warner release. I am at a loss so far on this as the footage I have is just not good enough. Is the jump cut there in the Laser disc?

Both Bruce and Mei Ling by the Door

Bruce “I want to talk to you… MEI-LING”

Mei Ling “SHHH!!”

Jump cut suddenly sitting down

Mei Ling “We must be quiet”

^ This is something I would love to sort out with the missing footage… You know the missing footage could have been in the late night ITV UK Broadcasts years ago I had this version on Betamax and it was my first exposure to the film. I have no idea wether I even remember this being different or not, I am pretty sure though that my memory has served me well for a lot of what was there before and what has changed with the sound mix and I think this was different.

The other difference although due to censorship was Bruce went out into the Garden through the Patio doors and then the dog runs out and attacks him. The whole creeping about in the Main Banquet room has nothing to do with the first night out or atleast I think it is the second night out where he get’s captured because he goes a different way so as to avoid the German Shepard. and the footage of him going out the door into the corridor suited up with rope also suggests this is the case. I’m not really sure what to do yet about this but there won’t be any other major change other than this if I decide to do it footage depending but It would restore the version I saw as a kid and perhaps put things in a more sensible order. Undecided really.

^This whole sequence was never in the old UK version before the internet… Movie-censorship is talking about the warner VHS re-release 😃 not the TV cut perhaps

DECISION = I won’t be changing this part but I want to sort out the scene with Betty Chung / Mei Ling

^ missing footage


Ok Been a bit slow since the last update because the tax man wanted his money… Now that is out the way and a weight off my shoulders here is a clip of Han’s Island / The Banquet.

Now a question for Enter the Dragon Fan’s do you want Han’s (Shih Kien) Hand to be the solid metal hand unflinching or his real hand moving about?

If you do want a fix I will try but I don’t know if I have the ability on failure I would try and see if I cam find someone that would like to do this otherwise It will have to stay as is… It does not bother me greatly personally but I can understand a need to correct this problem.

please give feedback on this clip if you want to.


Ok Here is an update…

Very little has been done on this since January, because I was very busy with work and I also got a bit distracted by looking at something else.

But I have needed some time to let things settle for me on this also.

Now Silverwook here has been good enough get me the footage I needed for the end. And I really want to finish this off. For me and hopefully for him too and anyone else. But you can not rush through these things they take time.

I am hlafway though as I previously stated but the last half is nowhere near as complex as this first half has been or at least I do not think it will be.

Some final thoughts on the first half.

The English dub will be removed when the Monk say’s “stay back” to O’hara he will be silent and approach him before slashing his face. complete with missing sound effect for the slash. Silverwook has seen this (but without this change) and I have only shown him. But I do think this is a great moment in the film this sequence and I am overall happy with it. The Monk also say’s I think “Go!” “Run!” and then in Cantonese “Go” to Bruce Lee’s sister which finally snaps her out of the shock.

In the Clip I posted the Banquet you will notice when Parsons is stuck on the Boat a crew member shouts “That’s it!” probably for the take of the shot. So that is going to be removed also.

I also want to use Dr Dre’s tool to try and restore the shot’s of Betty Chung and Bruce perhaps even try PFclean trial also.

I will post a clip soon for the Parsons Williams Fight over Easter.

But any fans of this film have something they want to say about it?

Here are the fixes For Jump cuts

Missing Frames fix 1

Shadow fix 1

I also fixed the Parsons Williams fight where the film slips out of the scanner using the 25th anniversary scan as it does not happen on this scan but matching it to the colors of the older version.

If you go to 0:48 on this video you will see the slip.


OK Tournament Round 1 As promised

I am no expert but if you think you can give me some pointers in the right direction to get the color correction better balanced please fire away. Audio is not final but the missing sounds are added I am trying and improving over time. It’s not final yet.

Comparison 40th Anniversary Edition

Remember it’s meant to be a grind house type of release and not perfect anyway. Is that George Takei (Sulu) with a stick?

Restored Music and deleted scenes.

^ this is totally wrong but I am leaving it there anyway. This Edit may be about to get quite radical. Last update for a while. Actually if nobody is interested here I will post it somewhere else talking to brick wall of nothing.

Yeah it is’nt in HD so fucking what. Go out and buy the 40th Anniversary edition with bad colors missing sound effects missing music and some pretty questionable editing from special edition to even the original.


Well I finished it and uploaded it and then took it down because of a copyright message when I went to get the Link. So I don’t really know what to do about sharing it now.

I would like people to see it but I also don’t want any trouble from it also. It’s sourced from an old DVD but yeah not too sure really.

I will elaborate on my thoughts at this time. Basically now I have rendered it in 720 x 576 at 10 bit depth (Rather than 1280 x 720 5 bit) It looks really good and although it is not HD I think it looks better than the Blu-Ray does not in Resolution but definitely color from the clips I have seen. so that is a bit of a problem because I have bested what you can buy in a way. Which means competition in a sort of way.

Whichever way you look at it, it is competition. But It’s not meant to be competition if you catch my drift. There is no money involved apart from cost on my part. But Loss perhaps also for the company If I release it.

Comparison shots