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Empire Strikes Back Score Restoration - Imperial / Audiophile Edition REPLACEMENT tracks - (messed up pitch/speed)

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---- Well, just rough OP for now, I'll update it with links to these corrected tracks asap (let's say as new samples ;)... And sorry for all this. I hate waste,
but I hate even more big mistakes ----

Hi there,

Something bugged me among the tracks I pitch-corrected for the audiophile & Imperial Audiophile Editions, so I had to check all these out.

Overall, it was correct and as precise as I could do these and I even don't know for some if I'd have the patience to bring these to that precision again.
However two tracks were wrong, plus a third I wasn't awared it needed to be up-pitched.

This led me to dozens of corrections again starting from the AE (the IAE has been too much calmed down sometimes actually = some tracks from the session mixes, and
a few stereo correction that led some layered tracks to sound a bit mold - just a lack of subtlety from me ! ).

1. The Duel / aka Through The Window / aka Clash Of Lightsabers (RSO part)

This one is the very first track I pitch/speed corrected and I sped it of about 0,4% on the AE. In fact I have only been fooled by both the mixing and editing
wich is slightly different on the Anthology and stupidly speed corrected the whole album track to match the length of the other. Big mistake.

I just had to redo it from the original album again. I think it sounds even more precise now due to the new equalization.
I haven't touched the balance this time, and it feels more concentrated that way (less exhuberent too).

2. "This Is Not A Cave" / Mynock Cave (RSO part)

The SE track always bugged me (and mosly the 2nd half wich I suspect to be now Mr Risner's mix rather than Tomlinson's).
Anyway I used it for pitch/speed correction for the IAE to make the RSO parts match but that was a wrong move: too slow.
It was alright since the beginning but as it 's not foundable in that shape on the AE, here it is.

The whole editing is better than on the IAE besides and the fanfare had a balance problem on it's half that I fixed. I also calmed
down the 20khz high tone I didn't touch before.

Set 1 & 3 versions of the RSO parts have the AE equalization which is good. Set 2 version is slightly more clear and thus have
a more live feel that I love too.

Oh, and in bonus you'll find of course edited for Set 2 & 3 "Jedi Master Revealed" with more consistant sound than previously.

3. Yoda's Entrance / aka Nocturnal Visitor

... What ? The RSO parts needed to be up pitched  ? Done (about 0,47% faster).

Plus: I've restored the Ice planet part 1, not only the 3 secondes with the stereo swept on the left, but it needed a huge balance on the left overall.
You'll find my best version of the Wampa's Lair attached to it for Set 3...

Updating soon...


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