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DVD Cover Art for Bonus DVD's (e.g. Trivial Pursuit, 2008 Calendar, Bounty Hunters, and Forces of Destiny)


Hello, second post here. I’m a budding Star Wars collector and I’m looking for custom DVD cover art for a few of the Bonus DVD discs that are listed under the “Star Wars Home Video Releases” article on Wookiepedia.

In particular, I’m looking for cover art for:

  • the 2005 Star Wars Trivial Pursuit: Saga Edition DVD’s
  • the 2008 Art of Star Wars Calendar Bonus DVD
  • the 2010 Star Wars The Clone Wars: Bounty Hunters Target-exclusive DVD (packaged with select action figure sets) and
  • the 2017 Star Wars The Forces of Destiny Volume 1 WalMart-exclusive DVD (packaged with Blu ray and DVD sets of Rogue One, The Force Awakens, the prequel trilogy, the original trilogy and The Complete Saga).

I have browsed much of the cover art posted and linked here but was having trouble finding these. I’m wanting to put these Bonus DVD’s in cases neatly with my other Star Wars DVD’s and Blu-rays. Does anyone know where I can find cover art for these?


p.s. I very much support the work being done here and don’t want to be a newbie, first time posting mooch. I don’t have video or artistic skills, but if I can help with collecting or other trivia I’d be glad to.