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Star Wars OT & 1997 Special Edition Info.
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21-May-2014, 1:39 AM

idyll said:

What Team Blu has done with the 1977 Star Wars is nothing short of spectacular. Thank you for creating this beautiful restoration and sharing it with us. I'm still amazed at the detail you managed to extract from a source as bad as the GOUT.

On a side note: althor has shared his preservation of the original Star Wars trilogy from Japanese laser discs. The transfer was from the mid 80s and has no digital blurring/smoothing or motion smearing that I can see. I think the (mostly) raw footage would be a better source than the GOUT for any future Star Wars restoration projects. However, I'm just going by how it looks to my eyes. :) Please take a look for yourself to make the comparison. The files can be found on usenet or MySpleen.

Thanks again to Team Blu!

 Wow, glad to see that this shit continues even today. Why do people continue to advertise other projects in this thread about THIS PROJECT?

What the fuck? I get an email saying that there is new posts in the DARK_JEDI OT AND SE TEAM BLU RELEASE THREAD, and then I login and read about someone else's project.....great.