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Info Wanted: Is this amateur audio recording of Star Wars in '77 any use?
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8-Mar-2012, 6:43 AM

Yes people around here like myself are interested to hear how people reacted back then.  It's a cliche but it's extremely rare for these type of recordings to come forward. 

Here is a thread which lists other Theater Recordings and links to their threads:

I'll add this thread to the list.  Feel free to create a name to identify this version.  Other SW77 in theater recordings are morgands1, blitter, Belbecus, L.Mayer & BrianM.  Only one of these (L.Mayer) has significant 'crowd interaction', most of the recordings were done in empty theaters as the recorders were looking for a clean copy to appreciate the audio mix.


On thing to identify in the recording is which audio soundtrack it was.  The Starkiller Mono Mix guide has explanation and audio clips:

To help determine which theater the recording came from, if it is 70mm, this website has a list of all the locations the 70mm screened and when.

Mr. Coate's also identified the ESB 70mm screenings:


Thanks for the info!