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Keyan Farlander
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The Jedi Purge | The Empire hunting down the Jedi Knights | a general discussion
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20-Feb-2024, 10:30 AM

Gandalf the Cyan said:

Keyan Farlander said:

This feels kind of right:

Exactly this. So many Jedi survived that, if you look at ROTS, Order 66 feels meaningless. It removes any/all of the emotional impact it had in that movie.

Plus, the idea of a Jedi surviving Order 66 has become incredibly cliché to the point that it comes across as lazy writing. It seems as though every Star Wars TV/EU writer thought “a Jedi survives Order 66 story would be cool” without realizing that dozens of other writers had the exact same idea. It’s cheapening too, as it makes the idea of Obi-Wan and Yoda being the last remnants of the Jedi seem dubious. The Obi-Wan show was especially terrible about this, with the existence of an Underground Railroad for Jedi, and there are apparently so many survivors that there just happen to be two survivors on the same remote backwater planet (the other Jedi on Tatooine in Ep1.) It makes you wonder why the survivors didn’t team up to stage a coup to overthrow the Empire or something, since there evidently were enough of them to do so.

Absolutely. Instead we get:


Although I was surprised we never got to see something like Conclave On Kessel set not long after Order 66, in the animated series like The Clone Wars, Rebels, Visions or even Tales Of The Jedi. A group of Jedi come together to make a stand or try to take down Vader, or other upper Imperial hierarchy, or even to inform the general public of what has really occurred.

To make a “last stand” or even continue resisting the Emperor and his new Empire. Or simply as a “warning” story for why no other Jedi tried to band together afterwards.

Conclave on Kessel - https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Conclave_on_Kessel

^ from the 2005 comic “Star Wars: Purge” - https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Star_Wars:_Purge

It would be at least something similar to what was described here, which we unfortunately never got to see:

from JW Rinzler’s Making Of Star Wars book, posted in the Pre-PT era lore | an OT & EU scrapbook resource thread