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AOTC 35mm historical preservation (WIP) - scan complete, fully funded, entered final processing tweaking stage
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25-Oct-2022, 11:13 PM

[x] Print purchased.
[x] Print in hand.
[x] Scan data HD purchased.
[x] Print and scan data HD at scanner.
[x] The scan/tape backup/secondary transport has been fully funded during first funding stage. I covered print, the rest of the transport and some storage cost so far.
[x] scan completed and tape backed up
[x] scan data back in hand
[x] initial stage funded
[x] second initial stage funded
[x] full project funded

Main thread is over at the forums (link to the forums can be found on this page https://originaltrilogy.com/topic/4K77-Released/id/60815).

At this point, it is expected to be paired with audio from U.S. theatrical DTS discs (I’ve already mostly processed this, will need to be trimmed between reels and timing matched to print), the U.S. optical audio on the print as well as Spanish theatrical DTS discs. Most to all of the associated trailers will also feature Cinema DTS audio as well as the theatrical optical audio.

Scan will be 6.5K (enough for true 4K of the image area (scans include borders, optical audio area and much of the sprockets so actual image area is only a part of each captured frame), not that this has 4k detail, but the grain should be very well and naturally captured and fine and the 6.5K should overcome the Bayer sensor of the scanner and give essentially true color per pixel).

This project also includes on the side, 6.5K scans of the following trailers to be paired with their optical audio tracks:
U.S. Star Wars teaser
U.S. Star Wars trailer
U.S. TPM Trailer ‘A’
U.S. TPM Trailer ‘B’
U.S. AOTC Trailer ‘A’
U.S. AOTC Trailer ‘B’