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How bad is the crop of the 2019 master of Empire Strikes Back compared to other releases?
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9-Feb-2021, 9:24 PM

A breakdown of the ESB 2019 general zoom in (loss of ~4.82% of the image) and shift (2004 shows more image) is written out with screen cap comparisons here:
The full DIF comparison can be watched from the website to make up your own mind.

The zooming in of 2019 ESB is problematic as it is unnecessary. How it was accomplished (the credits being un-centering) also aids to the opinion of lack of care involved. The additional cropping looses relevant information in certain shots.

As for other fan releases. The Silver Screen addition had no cropping regulations over it, so they could show more of the visible frame as people may have since it when in the theaters. Then for 4K77 they made the decision to return to a cropping as seen in official home releases.

Where are you reading that people are discussing the 2019 ESB cropping?