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DIF - Difference tool to spot visual changes - Current 2004 vs 2019 — Page 3


On the subject of Power Windows, i’m leaning towards most of the overt ones being not carried over to the 2019.
This Owen Lars example (used to follow his head) you can see the Power Window removed just from the unprocessed screen captures:

Here’s the garbage mattes from the Humdinger Glitch shot:

The garbage mattes are visible when no HDR is applied. So if a past corrected imperfection can be significantly addressed with an HDR contribution, why both to reapply the Power Windows in this 2019 re-scan. Some of the ones identified seem to originate with what the colorist was given, as there were crushed blacks and other things, the power windows were done to address that color correction.

You can listen to the 2004 ANH Colorist talk about his use of Power Windows in podcast:
Fastforward to ~37:15 which is at the end of the SW discussion which starts around ~33:30.


DIF ESB 2004 vs 2019

Unlike SW and RotS, ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ for 2019 has been zoomed in and reframed for the entire movie. Generally 60%-70% of the movie has been shifted right. That seems to have been applied globally when they started then individual shots were reframed after that. There is one set of shots which was reframed top/left for multiple consequetive shots. SFX shots seem to have gotten special consideration and don’t follow the general overall reframing of the movie.

About 4.82% of the image seen in 2004 has been cut off. In the DIF images, we’ve added a yellow outline around 2019 so you can see the reduced visible image. Over the whole movie we chose a few edit points to show the alternative reframing, but didn’t get into reframing each shot.

Let’s start at the beginning:

When reading the crawl if you are quick you will have to wait a little bit longer for the first and last letter of each line to show up.

And now jump to the end:

Unfortunately the reframing was carried through the credits so they are now no longer centered. The above image has the 2019 resized to match the 2004.

At first, thought I was making a mistake in my composition and conversion process, as nothing was lining up. Took a nights rest to realize that they would resize/reframe the entire movie. To check ran the ‘George Lucas Executive Producer’ (GLEP) credit through versions and films: (review full sized)
Seems as if it is only ESB in 2019 which is reframed/resized. (grey is 2019) ROTJ might be shifted but that’ll be for another day.
ANH lines up very well, but curious why they squeeze the font in 2011 and 2019.

Loosing part of the image means you loose part of the movie. Here are some example of things cut/clipped/lost.

The engines of Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer the Executioner get clipped:

The Radar Dish Gun and C-3po’s foot and a handrail light get clipped:

C-3po looses an eye:

When Leia says the line “I don’t think this is wise” she goes out of frame.

Vader entering the Carbon Freezing room used to have two centered flanking stormtroopers, the one on the left gets cut in 2019:


General post on ESB 2019 reframing examples:

Framing : Centered: (10%)

Framing : Top Left: (10%)

Framing : Middle Slight Right: (60%+)

Framing : Middle Left: SE Emperor Shots

Zoomed Out shot :
Inexplicitly the shot of Han awaiting carbonite freeze, the shot where they changed the color of his shirt has been zoomed out.
Probably to show more Vader on the right.


The 2011 change of the smelting fire in Bespin:

The end platform lost a shadow in 2019. Just after the steps up to the circular platform, in the DIF you can see the left side is darker.

A partial section of the credits was modified, ILM from the point shown until the ILM credit leaves the top of the frame.


And a goofy post about the Collars :

The Blue Hue of Hoth:

Selective “Face” Power Windowing: (Lobstering) [Like the Luke above]

Crushed Blacks:

Here’s a possible double power window, the glow around Luke and Yoda, and because of a crushed black issue Luke’s face is also power windowed.

Did they power window Chewie’s eyes? Leia too.

Emperor’s power windowed eyes. (See 2019 is almost black)

Unaffected Shots:

Colors around characters:

Interesting that Luke’s face reacts differently than his arms.

View out the Falcon windows windowed differently than the characters sitting inside and color shifted independently.

Hoping that this selective stuff was not ported to 2019.


Blue Yoda!

A shot where the 2004 and 2019 are similar and return a mostly black image:

And yet in this shot of Ben (SFX Ghost) is almost the same through the DIF process. Along with this R2-D2 shot:

Here the walls and R2 have been left more or less untouched between variations, but the Bespin background, de-blued.

Falcon selectively recolored.


ESB 2019 - AKA “Less Left”

0:00:29 - In 2019, The ‘Star Wars’ intro was zoomed in.

0:00:41 - In 2019, The Opening Crawl was zoomed in.

0:01:54 - In 2019, The opening shot of the Star Destroyer has a pan right added to the pan down. Note: This right of center location seems to be the overall placement for 70% film.

Note: The Probot segment at the beginning of the film is generally centered. Believe this is because they chose to leave SFX shots with just a zoomed in reframing.

Note 2: Wondering if this zoom in reframing is an outcome of the reframing of the Falcon interior shots in the previous generation.

0:05:55 - In 2019, Lucasfilm fixed the background red lights behind Han which shifted differently than the rest of the background.

0:06:04 - In 2019, many of the shots involved in the Han-Leia Hoth hall bickering have been reframed into the upper left corner.

0:07:51 - Reframing - Cuts off Rebel on the right at end of the shot.

0:20:12 - In 2019, Reframing cuts off part of the engines of the Vader Executor Star Destroyer.

0:27:16 - In 2019, first two frames of this General Veers shot has a modified framing from rest of the shot. Could this have been done to give an additional sense of movement/depth for the 3D, or is this a byproduct of a stabilization effort?

0:30:10 - Reframing - Radar Dish Gun gets clipped.

0:32:18 - Reframing - AT-AT head more cropped.

0:33:33 - In 2019, the Shield Generator explosion has been redone.

0:39:16 - ??? In 2019, Corrected bottom part of shot shift.

0:51:33 - In 2019, Lucasfilm corrected a frame shift of Leia.

0:53:05 - In 2019, The Special Edition Emperor shots are reframed left. Power Windowing may have been removed.

0:54:10 - In 2019, One of the frames of the new Emperor has a black eye.

1:00:16 - Reframing - Leia is cut off when she says: “I don’t think this is wise.”

1:02:46 - ??? In 2019, Yoda shifting a few frames is corrected. (Could be resolution scale issue of 2004.)

1:08:23 - In 2019, the Power Windowing of Luke’s face and center of frame has been modified or possibly undone.

1:10:59 - In 2019, the recoloring / power windowing of Luke’s face has been removed. (multiple shots)

1:15:48 - Reframing - C-3po looses an eye.

1:19:06 - In 2019, the end of the shot has a slight frame shit as Leia stares down Han upon arriving at Bespin.

1:25:05 - In 2019, shot stabilized as Ben and Yoda watch Luke leave Dagobah, Ben fades out.

1:26:45 - In 2011, Smoke and smelting embers were added.

1:27:46 - In 2019, end of shot of C-3po inactive in bin has last few frames stabilized.

1:34:57 - Reframing - Symmetry of shot, Stormtroopers flanking Vader, is disrupted by new framing.

1:36:02 - In 2019, shot of Han (with recolored shift) has been zoomed out to show more of Vader on the right.

1:44:00 - In 2019, the floor has been stabilized when Vader jumps down onto it attacking Luke in Bespin.

1:45:19 - Trampoline Luke still there.

1:47:23 - In 2019, Shot of Lando using the Bespin telecom has been stabilized.

1:50:01 - In 2019, The shadow across the Bespin weather vane platform has been removed.

1:51:39 - Reframing - Cuts off handrail light.

1:56:40 - In 2019, The beginning of the shot of Lando piloting the Falcon has been stabilized.

1:57:10 - In 2019, Vader’s helmet has been stabilized.

2:01:34 - In 2019, the last shot of the film is reframed differently, tight left.

2:02:06 - In 2019, the Credits were reframed to follow the wipe of the last shot which was reframed left. This leaves the credits off centered.

2:06:04 - In 2019, the Credits for ‘Industrial Light and Magic’ were retimed, but only until the ILM name leaves the screen, then credits realign with previous timing.


Example of a shot stabilization or purposeful shift to maybe add an effect for the 3D presentation:

This looks like a correction in 2019, the bottom of this shot shifted in 2004:

Example of a stabilization:

Ghost Ben wobbled around before:

A stabilization at the end of a shot:


Return of the Jedi starts out with the SW zooming into the distance higher in frame, taking the crawl with it.
Then when they pan down to the moon of Endor they needed to re-time the pan (see DS), just at the end, to get to the same resting point.

Here are some of the finds in DIF-ROTJ 2004 vs 2019 found through 5/8th of the movie.

The left Imperial Officer had his shirt painted black to remove a bright spot from onset lighting:

This might be a 2011 change, but R2’s dome has a frame realigned:

Several sequences of shots suffer from a form of stretching or scaling. In this shot of Jabba and Boushh, the right side of the frame is aligned but the left side goes out of alignment, which could mean zooming in/out. And yet a similar shot a few frames later is less affected by this stretching.

This Luke/Bib shot suffers the same stretching/scaling but in the opposite direction, right is unaligned.

A bunch of shots are realigned:

This C-3po Barge Announcement Power Window might be a 2019 addition:

But this type of power window seems to be removed from Jabba/Leia:

The new scan brings back this electrical fires flares which in 2004 became a white blinding blob:

But maybe HDR blows this detail back out.

Example of how blue 2004 was:

In the middle of the movie, one of the multiple ship SFX shots got cleaned up.
Upper left SFX matte in 2004 left a white patch for a ship which never got inserted.
On the right they cut the shot, which in 2019 they extended to full width of the visible frame:

One of the 2004 blue power windows when Luke and Leia are talking is removed in 2019:

One of the Endor wipe shots got zoomed in more than usual:


This Leia talking to Luke shot does a strange bump/shift part way through the shot:

The odd 2004 recoloring of explosions has been removed in 2019:

The lightsaber clash explosion right before the infamous Emperor oddity from 2004, looks like maybe their judgement was to do this color change because the raw explosion was viewed as too much clear bright white at the time. As this has been undone in 2019, you can see how some detailing of these bright explosions has been lost:

Luke demasking Vader, those shots have been zoomed out.

End Celebration:
2:05:23 - Luke in front of Vader’s pyre is reframed.
2:05:26 - Fade to Cloud City from Endor has been modified/redone. Cloud City and other SE shots are zoomed in.

  • Wipe to Tatooine from Cloud City has been retimed/redone.
  • In the transition to Theed, the last thin brown post gets thicker as it moves center to right of visible frame.
  • Pan down to Ewok village follows same zoomed in reframing as the SE added shots.


2004 vs 2019

0:00:29 - In 2019, the ‘Star Wars’ zooms into the distance higher in the frame. The crawl follow this higher location. To compensate the pan down to the moon of Endor is changed, just at the end, to get to the same resting point before the Star Destroyer flys over.

0:02:30 - In 2019, the brightness on the back of the left Imperial Pilot was removed.

Note: Scenes in the beginning look to be zoomed out. More bottom frame and side frames.

0:05:38 - In 2019, R2’s head has been stabilized to control where the head sensor is looking at camera.

0:08:09 - ??? Note: Slight wobbly to Gomorriah Guard on left. Is shot lengthened or just try resizing to confirm.

0:08:44 - In 2019, Power window around R2?

0:09:12 - ??? Pan down from Jabba to Salacious, Middle of frame warped, figure out version.

0:09:58 - ??? Jabba flexes in first few frames.

0:10:35 - ??? Han in carbonite flexes.

0:12:45 - In 2019, Shot of Jabba has been reframed and has a different pixel aspect ratio. Loss of half of background character on the left.

0:13:00 - In 2019, Shot of Jabba’s dancers with CGI Sy Snoodles has lost part of the left side of the frame.

0:13:40 - ??? Background stabilization when Oola pulls on chains.

0:14:39 - In 2019, When Boushh and Chewie arrive shot is stretched to remove more of the close up mostly shadowed character on the left.

0:14:46 - In 2019, C-3po looks at the arrival, shot is stretched. Right side is fixed but left side is cut.

0:14:51 - In 2019. Chewie roaring is stretched.

0:14:53 - In 2019, the shot of Boushh talking to Jabba has been stretched.

0:15:01 - In 2019, Similar shot of Jabba has a different stretching than previous shot.

0:19:00 - ??? Check 2011 vs 2019

0:21:17 - In 2019, shot is stretches, hold left cut off right. Next shot of Crumb too. Then next shot of Han. And then Chewie.

  • whole sequence through Luke entering Jabba’s throne room

0:31:35 - In 2019, power window around 3po in window of the Barge was added?.

0:32:40 - In 2019, power window around 3po in window of the Barge was added?.

0:33:21 - In 2019, Battle on skiff was zoomed out.

0:33:32 - Reframed shot of Boba which pans to Lando hanging off skiff.

0:34:03 - Example of blown out white of 2004.

0:36:16 - Shot of C-3po falling off the Barge has been reframed.

0:39:5? - In 2019, a stabilization effort repositions Luke’s head or the background for a few frames.

0:48:26 - In 2019, Special Effects fix of a missing space ship in the upper right and the left side which was cropped was extended to fix the rounded frame corner which left part of the ship black.

0:48:33 - In 2019, Shot of entry to the Rebel Meeting was reframed right.

0:49:13 - ??? Right side warps.

0:52:33 - In 2019, shot has been zoomed in.

0:55:20 - In 2019, shot shifted left. and next shot of Vader walking in SD.

1:15:51 - In 2019, two shots part of the wipe has been zoomed in.

1:18:16 - In 2019, power window of the incoming light has been removed, when Leia goes to console Luke.

1:21:48 - In 2019, The first frame of a Leia close up (talking to Han) has been bumped.

1:35:22 - ??? Lower right corner glow not corrected in 2019.

1:35:46 - ??? Emperor’s slugs

1:36:21 - ??? In 2019, Vader shot is scaled.

1:45:21 - Luke attacks Emperor shot. Explosion colors.

2:00:37 - ??? Revised Vader demask shots. Shots are zoomed out.

2:05:23 - Luke in front of Vader’s pyre is reframed.

2:05:26 - Fade to Cloud City has been modified. Cloud City is zoomed in.

  • Wipe to Tatooine has been retimed/redone.
  • In the transition to Theed, the last thin post gets thicker as it moved center to right edge.
  • Pan down to Ewok village follows same zoomed in framing as the SE added shots.

Credits are shifted left.


Can be watched at:

Note: Playback will not be instantaneous. Video is highly compressed, expect artifacts.

Curious if people have theories on the 2004 collars and if the DIF results can help us identify shots which didn’t get significantly modified in the evolution from 2004 to 2019.

Let us know what you find.


Attack of the Clones has had a few rows of pixels cut off the top and more off the bottom. Did not find anything significant beyond that. The two segments which were re-organized in 2011 have remained in that order.