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Star Wars: The Last Skywalker Awakens - a sequel trilogy 3-in-1 edit (v2.5 Released)
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3-Dec-2020, 5:12 PM
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Star Wars: The Last Skywalker Awakens

Sequel Saga


Luke Skywalker has vanished.
In his absence, the sinister
FIRST ORDER has risen from
the ashes of the Empire and
will stop at nothing until
Skywalker, the last Jedi, has
been destroyed.

As the peaceful New
Republic struggles to fight
this resurgent menace,
General Leia Organa gathers
her allies and leads a brave
desperate to find her brother
Luke and restore hope to the

Searching for clues to Luke’s
whereabouts, Leia’s most
daring pilot has been
intercepted by the First Order
on the desert planet of

Star Wars: The Last Skywalker Awakens is a fan edit that condenses all three films of the Star Wars sequel trilogy into a single, monolithic tale centred upon Rey, Kylo Ren/Ben Solo, and their battle over the Skywalker legacy, meant to serve as a singular epilogue to Lucas’ Skywalker Saga (episodes I-VI).

Rey and Kylo’s journey remains, at its core, much the same as in the theatrical cuts: a story of lineage, legacy, belonging, betrayal, war, and family. This is not a “cut out everything I don’t like” edit, but an attempt to refocus and amplify what is already at the heart of the sequel trilogy.

Some of the more significant changes and additions include: insert shots introduced earlier on to mesh with their increasing use in the later films, removal of any planet-killer weapons from the story, embellished musical cues and sound effects, the restored IMAX version of the Faclon’s escape from Jakku (coming in v3), new use of musical score in two previously music-less TRoS sequences, an overall colour grading, and many, many others.

SW: TLSA is, at this time, still a living work, with several changes large and small still to be made. The intention is that, barring the unearthing of something like deleted scenes from TRoS, V3 will be a final and completed version.

Version 2.5 runtime clocks in at about 5 hours
Video: 1080p H.264 .mov
Audio: 2-channel stereo

A list of cuts and additions as of Version 2.5 can be found here:

This edit borrows heavily from Hal9000’s exemplary sequel edits TFA Restructured, TLJ Legendary, and TRoS Ascendant, as well as popasketti’s TLJ Rekindled.

Art by Brian Rood

Drop a reply if you’d like to be PM’d the link. Any and all feedback or suggestions are welcome!