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Idea: Aaron's STAR WARS: Episode IV, "Revisited" (Legacy Edition - based on Adywan's Revisited)
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26-Jun-2020, 12:13 AM
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10-Jul-2020, 6:18 AM
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I wanted to start a thread on a side-project which I called, the (Legacy Edition) of Adywan’s “STAR WARS: Revisited.”
Of course, my idea never materialized. Either, not enough people were interested, seen it, or they just ignored it.
So, I started this thread so people could think about my ideas.

Note: This will never become a reality. Adywan said himself, that ANH:R (HD) is his last fan-edit.
Even if I want this to become a reality, I would need to talk to Adywan, himself. Also, I’m
not a fan-editor like him, Harmy, or TN1.

Below is a list of differences that would have been in ANH:R, (HD) Legacy Edition…

• This fan-edit would have been in 720p, like as would the rest of the “Revisited Trilogy.”
(This would replace ANH:R, (SD) that was created in 480p, from the 2004 DVD)

• Also, there would be the utilization of the Original SFX Scenes during the Battle of Yavin.
Like from 4K77… Including the scenery-shot of the Rebel Trooper overlooking the departing X-Wings & Y-Wings.

• Though the SFX Scenes would be from the Original 1977 Version, the Battle of Yavin as-well as the rest of the film,
the SFX Scenes would be recreated using 3D-Models. Like used in the making of ESB:R.

• All the planets and such, including Tatooine, Alderaan, the Death Star, and Yavin Prime w/ Yavin IV. Would be
recreated with the idea of them looking more like what was scene with Hoth, Dagobah, and Bespin in ESB:R.

• The same color-correcting would be used, that would have be similar to what was scene in ANH:R, (SD), with some fixes
from Rouge One. (Not, all aspects)

• Smooth jump-cuts so, it would be more life-like.

• The Audio Track would be a slight fusion in-between, 4K77’s “2.0 DTS-HD-MA (1977 35mm stero mix 2018),” 4K77’s “5.1
DTS-HD-MA (1977 70mm six track mix 2018),” and the Audio Track from ANH:R, (SD).

• Several continuity fixes. For two versions. (1st, stand-alone film) and, (2nd, as being together, with the rest of
the Skywalker Saga)