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13-May-2020, 11:33 AM
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Alien: Ripley Does Dallas (Alien 1979) - heathen3017

Not a full redo of the franchise opener, but a gentle extension.
This is a fine mix of theatrical, directorial, and extended versions.
Most noticeable added scenes are of the cocooned Dallas, and Jonesy being examined, then rejected by the xenomorph.
The Dallas sequence always felt unfinished to me (check the sequels for better cocoon work).
For whatever reason, I had never noticed Jonesy bit before.
The exterior CGI additions passed by unnoticed, a good thing.
Filesize = 2.2 GB. Thank you.
The video is a nice 1920 X 816p AVC. This a visually dark film and the image stays solid throughout.
Audio is 2 Channel stereo, 161 kbps AAC. No subs. The dynamic range is extensive. The score and effects are loud, dialogue much quieter (Ash, in particular). I was enjoying this on speakers, others around me, not so much. I eventually donned headphones.
This is an excellent edit and well crafted, and should appeal to all connoisseurs of extended versions.
In other words, Colonel Hutty and his followers, this is one you will enjoy.

This is heathen3017’s first edit. I look forward to more.