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Star Wars internet Rabbit holes
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15-Jan-2020, 12:17 PM
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I originally posted the following in the YouTube/Vimeo/etc… Star Wars finds thread in The Expanded Universe & General Star Wars Discussion section of this wondrous site. As that is a massive thread it will likely get lost in there soon enough, and also thought it may also be of interest in here too, along with other sties of interest?

(I also wasn’t sure if this would fit better in screams in the void’s Taking a stand against toxic fandom thread? - please delete this post if it is unnecessary mods, or screams in the void)


A network of YouTubers have come together to form a project that celebrates Star Wars; where anyone can put forward a video to talk about their love and appreciation of Star Wars in a single YouTube Playlist - “choosing scenes, moments or journeys they believe define Star Wars, to further spread love for the series” - from any and all of The Galaxy Far Far Away…


The Link to the ‘Star Wars Defined’ Playlist:- (the Browntable YouTube Channel)

^ currently there are around 60 videos in the Playlist - covering a wide range of Star Wars content from all corners of the galaxy. Some videos are as short as a couple of minutes - others are a little longer (I think 20 minutes is the longest I’ve seen so far).


This was the first video to appear as part of the ‘Star Wars Defined’ project:-

Star Wars Defined - The Binary Sunset‘s Meaning Analyzed’ - by Browntable. (8 mins long)


and this is my current favourite video so far that I’ve seen (I liked TLJ in the main, but have issues with certain aspects) - this guy just persuaded me to give it another watch - and maybe appreciate ‘Broom Boy’ a little more:-

Why I loved The Last Jedi - The Spark Inside Us’ - by Loverboy Media. (19 mins long; with info on the ‘SW Defined’ project)


There are a few Original Trilogy themed videos on there now too 😃