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Looking for Complete Saga inside covers
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8-Aug-2019, 11:35 AM

Tzaddie said:

oojason said:

Tzaddie said:

Looking for criterion style or concept art inside covers for 1-6. Leave suggestions down below

Hi & welcome Tzaddie,

You could, of course have a search for them yourself… there are a few featured ‘inside cover’ type threads (and posts / projects) - on here, and feature various artwork for what you are seeking.

Or perhaps find and select criterion style or concept art images (there are many to choose from) - and then resize them accordingly - depending upon whether you are looking for blu ray or dvd sized covers, for example?

Good luck with it 😃


PS - a ‘please’ and / or a ‘thank you’ can often go far when asking people for assistance.

Sorry I didn’t mean to sound rude! I’ve searched for hours on the thread and I’ve seen some amazing covers for OT I just can’t find a complete matching set. Thanks for the help!

If you’ve searched for hours going through the threads on here then it’s probably worth taking the time to state that in your opening post - rather than ask others to just ‘leave suggestions for you below’ for you without an introduction, please, or thanks etc.

Please, take the time to look around to see how this place functions 😃


And good luck with the search - the An Index Thread (and more) for Case Covers, Disc Labels, and Fan Art… may be of some assistance - as may the Inside Covers & Inserts thread, and the various poster / art collection threads - and other DVD/blu ray cover sites linked too.

‘Google image’ searches are usually quite helpful too - ‘prequel trilogy concept cover art’ comes up with quality McQuarrie-style art that are likely a match for some of his more well known Original Trilogy art.

If and when you do find some you like - please be sure sure to post them up here - thanks.