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Canon TS8120
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10-Jan-2019, 8:49 AM

Ask the store for a demo of the disc printing mate - they can only say no 😉

If it’s an independent store they may offer a disc printing service - or could be persuaded to print a few discs off for you for a few $$$a on the side…

There are a few youtube videos re this printer (and similar printers in the Canon ‘disc print’ range) - they may be of some help; : : : etc

Seems very similar still to my 15 year old Epson R300 printer (still going strong today) - could be worth sifting through the Amazon reviews for mentions of the quality of the disc printing for useful info - though to be honest… my 15 year old printer’s discs from back in the days are still holding up and look decent (with no disc issues) - so I imagine the more modern printers (and a decent brand like Canon) should do quite well at it too 😃

There are some useful printing threads on various issues which can be found in the ‘A few useful links’ section of the Index thread pinned at the top of this section, here - An Index Thread (and more) for Case Covers, Disc Labels, and Fan Art… - and also some more printing threads just below that.

Good luck with it man.