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Politics 2: Electric Boogaloo
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1-Jan-2017, 4:13 PM
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27-Feb-2018, 10:57 PM
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According to this post, the old politics thread is now permanently dead, thus I created this thread for y’all.


  • Obviously, all the rules here must be obeyed
  • No crazy conspiracy theories (aliens killed JFK, Elvis did 911, Moon Landing was faked, 911 was an inside job)
  • No ridiculous doom saying (like all non-Trump supporters will be rounded up and executed)
  • No Frink vs Jetrell
  • Debate and not Flame

Admin note:

For some history on the matter, feel free to peruse the original, long-running Politics thread:

Grab some popcorn and read the last ~100 pages for some great examples on how not to debate politics. The mods felt it was best to start fresh after all the vitriol and personal attacks that occurred there. New year, new rules, new thread. Keep it civil, please.

– Jay