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Rogue One - Extra Extended Edition
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26-Dec-2016, 6:49 AM
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15-Jan-2017, 11:26 PM
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Mission: to add every deleted/additional/alternate shot/scene/take to the film, avoiding (where possible) to cut anything.

Movie sources:

  • BD or UHD-BD (when released)

Deleted/extended/alternate shots/scenes sources:

  • BD or UHD-BD (IF they will be released)
  • trailers
  • featurettes
  • making-of
  • documentaries
  • TV special
  • commercials

Changes (provisional list):

  • flip the last Jedi statue shot, just before Wobani (if not fixed in the released BD/UHDBD)
  • add a classic crawl
  • add part of the Anaheim trailer at the beginning
  • add missing shots from “canon” sources
  • add missing shots from other sources, when “compatible”
  • use alternate takes when available

To-do list:

  • find further material
  • find better quality versions for the available ones
  • find the better crawl to use, or someone who would like to make one

I’m still collecting the available extra footage (I’m almost at 100 pieces, including trailers (most part), featurettes, commercials etc.; surely many more will show up during the next months, so of course this will be a “work in progress” at least until the official release of the BD (or UHD-BD) - hoping it will have deleted and/or extended scenes.

For the moment, I started to work using the workprint to place the deleted/alternate shots, so when the BD will come, the work will be almost complete at that moment (probably).

Any help, feedback, critic is welcome!