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Notes on Piracy - Please Read


The originaltrilogy.com forum provides information about fan projects. Due to the underground nature of this scene, there are no downloads or torrent links posted here. You are expected to search out these projects yourself.

As far as this community is concerned, you should own the official retail release of a fan project's source material if it is possible to do so. Content producers deserve to be compensated, so if you don't own the retail release (if available), you have no business possessing a fan project. This applies equally to fan edits, custom DVDs and restoration projects.

If a project is sourced from an HDTV broadcast, and that movie has subsequently been made available for purchase on Blu-ray Disc, you are expected to own the BD before obtaining the fan project.

The forum administration do not have the resources to police this, so we will presume that all members comply with the above unless told otherwise. Any blatant contravention of the above may result in posts being removed, or in extreme cases member sanctions.

Guidelines for post content and general behaviour: read announcement here

Max. allowable image sizes in signatures: reminder here