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Star Wars Tosche station Restored

Sky_ said:

^…^ said:

I feel like John … amazed, but at the same time annoyed.

I must admit that, even if you Lucasized it, it will blend quite well with the Blu-ray; but agree that those houses should not be there!

But you did a very good job, kudos! Hope to see also the other scenes restored - not too much Lucasized, though! 😉

If you will do a new version without houses - added clouds are OK to me - I’ll use it for my (future planned but always delayed) Star Wars Extended Edition.

Once it’s completed, I mean all Roto corrected, it will be very easy to remove all the Extra stuff as there on different layers, so I’ll make 2 versions, one with all the extras and one without… That should be fine for anyone wanting to use it… 😃

Oh good. That’s what people actually want.

STAR WARS: REBELS - animated tv series - 2014-2018

Okay, I am coming at this as someone who reads this thread, reads news about Rebels, but has never actually watched Clone Wars or Rebels.

(and yes, I know, I know, I’m missing out on some of the best Star Wars ever. I might get around to it, but I hardly watch anything at all)

Wouldn’t it make a lot of sense for “What comes next” to be the new-canon version of the Legends Thrawn trilogy? They’ve introduced Thrawn, they’ve introduced Noghri, and only one film left in the ST makes it a perfect time to start telling post-ROTJ stories.

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

Haarspalter said:

lovelikewinter said:

Mocata said:

It would have made more sense to show him getting greyer as time went on, since it would then line up with Vader’s face too as they were both dark side users. Didn’t he look worse in AOTC than ROTS? It’s a redundant rebate I suppose.

He totally did.



I guess they were originally going for him to look more and more corrupted over time.



Sigh. Legends is best canon.

The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **

DrDre said:

TavorX said:

DrDre said:
Yeah, but the thing that bugs me is, that he didn’t help those friends for many years, and just sat on a rock waiting to die. Even the death of his best friend and the fact that his sister was in a coma didn’t change his mind. You speak of cheap tricks, but isn’t it much more cheap to prop up Rey by having her beat Luke in a short battle with sticks? She get’s the better of him, and could have lopped his head of with the lightsaber, if she wasn’t one of the good guys. Jedi Master Luke get’s beaten by a girl, who up till a few days earlier believed he was the stuff of legends. Shouldn’t such blatant disregard for the established in-universe rules bug you just a little bit? Yoda once said: a Jedi must have the most serious mind, the deepest commitment. Does this film do that line justice? It took Luke an entire training sequence to learn how to lift a few rocks with his mind, and we’re supposed to accept that Rey can move tons of rocks to free our heroes easier than Yoda can lift an X-wing out of the water? Are we now supposed to believe Luke could have gotten three basic lessons in the Force (of which only one actually involved the Force), and then beat Darth Vader in a fight, because that’s more or less what happens in this movie.

In my response to this, see this more as me playing Devil’s advocate, because in a weird sense, as you can read earlier in this thread, I had a change of perspective. Still, however, I totally get your side if that makes sense. But again, playing Devil’s Advocate:

When you mention Luke did nothing when Han died or when Leia was in a coma, well Luke had cut himself off from the Force, so he couldn’t had felt any disturbances in the Force to know of these events. BUT as Luke allows himself to open up to the Force again, he does reconnect to Leia, as shown when Leia whispers “Luke” in her coma. Arguably, this does encourage Luke to take action again. He made the effort to communicate with Leia at end as well.
Of course, if I’m in your shoes, then I’m wondering why did he give up to begin with? As you mentioned Yoda’s line, about the commitment of the Jedi ways and serving justice, well, this stuff is coming from a grand Jedi Master that also did nothing for ~20 years, and it’s not like he was waiting for the “right” time (though I sorta think Obi-Wan watching Luke on Tatooine was his “wait for the right time” plan) given how Yoda flat out refuses to train Luke. Even beyond the exile of Yoda, both Yoda and Obi-Wan were telling Luke to confront Vader in ROTJ because they both lose faith in redeeming Vader. So it was up to Luke, their pupil, to show them otherwise, that yes, Luke was right all along that there was still good in Vader.
In your shoes again, you’re saying, "But him confronting Vader SHOULD had been a defining lesson in his career that should had prevented the Kylo Ren!"
Now, again, in a way weird way, I’m on your side on this, but for once, I can also see the other side to the argument and point being made. The legend of Luke is cemented in history. Luke is the savior of the galaxy because he destroyed Vader/the Emperor and the clutches of the Empire. Living up to this iconic status I imagine came with a lot of stress and responsibility. In a way, both Obi-Wan and Yoda were cowards because they passed on the burden of saving the galaxy to Luke because they didn’t have to deal with the stress and responsibility themselves. So years later into Luke trying to craft a Jedi Order, is essentially trying to do it from scratch. This is actually a huge challenge because he has to teach a new generation of students. How do you craft a Jedi Order that doesn’t falter the like previous one but also utilizes Luke’s personal ideologies? Luke may had been trained to be a Jedi, but that doesn’t mean he was trained to be a teacher. He was going about this alone, probably because Obi-Wan and Yoda could only help so much due to how Luke has his own unique perception of the Force that tries to move beyond the old dogmatic ways his previous masters were used to.
Now, we’ve got Ben Solo who is tainted by the dark side. This one person would probably bring destruction to his academy and bring much pain to his friends, like Han Solo. Luke just fucking snapped. Maybe he saw the future of his friends in pain again, and couldn’t bear to go through that again like he did in ESB. So for a fleeting moment, he didn’t want that to happen, but of course the real Luke regrets even thinking like that. Though this was Luke’s error. He was afraid of mistakes. Afraid of failure. Afraid of letting down the history of the Jedi if this one single person could destroy it all.
At this point, when Kylo Ren is made, Luke’s hopes and aspirations were crushed. A broken person that had little support safety nets to fall on. Sure, Leia and Han were there, but they can only understand so much. Luke was alone. Luke couldn’t be the Jedi for the future generation. He could be the Jedi that removed a huge threat to the galaxy, but rebuilding is much more difficult to achieve than destroying is.

If this sounds like mental gymnastics, it probably is. Merely, however, offering this perspective as someone that totally gets your side. I’m not even trying to imply I’m in the “right” here, as I need to see this film a few more times to really digest it all, so me playing Devil’s Advocate is just that, me trying to process it.

Didn’t reply to other points as I felt this long enough, but hopefully it sorta answers your last point about Rey.

Good points! I can see what you mean. I think it would have helped if we had seen more of how Luke got to the point where we see him in Kylo’s room, his loneliness, his self doubt, and Kylo’s struggles with Luke, his parents, and the dark side. As it is now, the film just asks the viewer to accept, that the Luke you know is gone, he’s changed, and o yeah, here’s a very very short scene that depicts him instinctively thinking of killing his nephew. I’m sure you can figure out the details. Good luck!

Yeah, I’m sure the filmmakers were that flippant about this. That’s why they showed the flashback with no context, no narration, no buildup from the previous film, no showing that Luke’s fears were realized despite/because-of his failure, no discussion of his fear of failure, and no one teaching him the value of failure.

Episode IX Discussion <em>NON SPOILER THREAD</em> - (TLJ SPOILERS IN HERE)

Things to do in Ep9:

  • Rey studies the Jedi books and develops her abilities more
  • Kylo & Hux continue working out the difficulties of managing an Empire
  • The Rebellion grows
  • Leia dies, almost certainly off-screen, probably early on
  • Kylo either turns or dies


  • The film opens a few years after TLJ
  • The gang are all split up, leading different Rebellion cells
  • At least one cell, in an anti-Empire operation, runs into a cell that spontaneously formed, unconnected to the Rebellion structure, demonstrating the success of the theory explained at the end of TLJ
  • Whichever cell Leia is leading is killed by a big explosion
  • Kylo turns, at the end, to help found the New Jedi Order with Rey. They’re a lot more casual about the whole thing and don’t wear silly robes
  • Some stupid mystery is introduced, because it’s JJ Abrams
  • Nothing more is revealed about Rey’s parentage or Snoke’s origins
  • JEDIT: Phasma returns

The general ethos of Revisited, as I understand it, is that in some ways the Special Edition was bad (i.e. bad effects, Jedi Rocks, etc.) but in other ways it was good (replacing too-slow spaceship shots such as the Falcon in ANH right after Han shoots Vader out of the trench), and in many ways it didn’t go far enough (all the additions to the Hoth battle in ESRB). As much as people like to hate the SE because of its problems (the first category I listed), the philosophy is simply that the OOT should be available, not that some form of the SE should never exist. Revisited, then, is the SE as it should have been.


ben_danger said:

I imagine you’ve seen all these already ADY, but others who haven’t been on the forum so long may have not seen them.

Years ago a member called SSWR made a bunch of small, yet effective, edit ideas. I didn’t manage to get hold of all of them before he took them offline, but there are some nice small ideas for ROTJ.

I have to say, these are really great mockups, and make changes seem remarkably feasible.