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What's the most popular edit of ROTJ right now that DOES NOT remove Hayden?

Hello, I’m looking for the best version of ROTJ but want to keep the final Force Ghost of Hayden Christensen. There’s many amazing edits out there that make the film better, like including deleted scenes/reorganizing scenes, but for various reasons I need one with Hayden at the end.

Anyone have any recommendations?

Side request: there is an edit somewhere that I can’t find but I know is in some recent pages–it only has the first 45 minutes and is on Vimeo, it simply reorganized a few key scenes and added the lightsaber reconstruction scene. Does anyone have that thread? Edit-Found it, in case anyone is interested:

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Idea: Editing SW into a Game Of Thrones style tv series

This idea would have more feasibility after the next few Disney films are done.

By then we’d have:
Ep 1 2 3
Rogue 1
Han Solo
Boba Fett (?)
Ep 4 5 6
Ep 7 8 9

So let’s say we have the goal of making 1 hour episodes with each one ending with a climactic moment. Now, the strength of Thrones is that it has a lot of things happening at once, meaning there can be many little vignettes of different character moments.

Perhaps there can be a similar approach made with some of the films that have some crossover timelines.

Han Solo could POTENTIALLY cross over with Parts of Rogue 1’s time.
Boba Fett, depending on when it takes place, could also be a part of this. If it’s about Young Fett post-Sith, that would essentially make Han Solo, Fett, and Rogue ALMOST simultaneously. Could even take it one step further and add New Hope, making all 4 movies into a tv series season. A particularly ambitious editor may even be able to salvage parts of the the Christmas Special footage.

Meanwhile, perhaps a really really good editor could use all the deleted scenes from AOTC and ROTS to make various character moments (other Jedi, Padme’s family) just like Thrones uses different scenes to further character development.

The tougher ones are Phantom, which is 10 years too far back to be edited in, and Empire-Jedi, which are too far from the other ones to be spliced together. Only thing I can think of is to use a framing flashback device.

Maybe Phantom’s key scenes can be used in Anakin’s dreams in AOTC and Sith. I also had the idea of using Neeson’s OTHER movie footage of him in some vague swordfighting castle environments as part of his Jedi training–what if he had an entire adventure beforehand?

Empire and Jedi would have to be left alone, though I suppose if Fett takes place around Jedi it could be added in. It would take a genius of writing to use the only other footage of Ewoks (ewoks adventure) to turn Jedi’s story into Thrones episodes. This is wishful thinking, but what if that kid from Ewok’s adventures actually helped the Ewoks train to fight the empire? What if he’s one of the surviving Jedi? I dunno, rewrite him as the son of one of the few Jedi who survived.

In an ideal world, the footage of Rebels and other cartoons could be used, but the change in style is simply too jarring to pull that off. Same with most Video games, which is sad that it is too different to use. In a doubly ideal world, the fan film makers would come together to allow their films to become part of this Thrones version. If that WERE possible, this would make this entire project even better. Imaging watching the Maul fanfilm mixed with the Neeson training film.

It’s a lofty goal, but I do believe it’s doable, it doesn’t require NEW material per se, just careful editing and some dialogue rewrites to fit the framing mechanisms.

What Prequel edits add the most DELETED content?

ChainsawAsh said:

HAL cuts the Yoda/Sidious duel entirely and changes the ending so Padme lives.

L8wrtr preserves the duel and keeps Padme’s death as is.

You can compare them on IFDB, and look at other prequel edits and check out their change lists:

L8wrtr’s Ep3
HAL’s Ep3

Thank you for your reply. I have read the info there.

So far, it seems like :

Hal 9000’s Episode 2
L8wrtr’s Episode 3

Is the way to go.

But what edit adds the most to Phantom Menace? Hal 9000’s PM adds 2 scenes but it cuts so much.

Star Wars saga - Extra Extended Edition (1080p)

Just heard about this project. I wish you luck! I’m looking forward to the extended editions.

Perhaps a good source to store things temporarily while you get a HDD is online storage like MEGA or google drive?

What Prequel edits add the most DELETED content?

Anakin Starkiller said:

Found it.

Thank you for this. However, it seems like his project is still in progress, so I’ll need an actual complete one.

ChainsawAsh said:

A lot of prequel edits add in deleted scenes, but they also cut scenes and trim them throughout.

I’d recommend checking out HAL 9000’s edits, which include several deleted scenes for each film (this especially helps AOTC), or l8wrtr’s, which might be a better choice for you for ROTS, since you seem to want as little cut as possible, and HAL cut the Yoda/Palpatine fight entirely (l8wrtr left it in).

Thank you for this recommendation. What would you say is the main difference for l8wrtr’s?

What Prequel edits add the most DELETED content?

I’m looking for opinions on edits that specifically add deleted content to the prequels. Or any story and character content, really, but for the prequels I think that means it’s just deleted scenes, unless someone was clever enough to slip in scenes from like video games or audiobooks.

Many edits do great things like improve the FX or music, but I’m just interested in deleted scenes and story.

A lot of the deleted scenes from the prequels contained a lot of really good universe-building material, like the formation of the rebellion, or just Padme chatting with her family in AOTC. These little scenes made the universe bigger than just Obi-Wan and Anakin’s adventures.

So, does anyone have any opinions on the (subjectively, no offense to any other edits) best edits that include deleted material?

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