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Star Wars: A 3-in-1 fanedit of the Star Wars Trilogy (With only one Death Star)

I think that you can pull this off, if your Luke vs Vader edit shows anything 😃. It will make for a very interesting edit nonetheless.

A few questions:

-Yoda spoke of ‘another’, how will this handled in your edit?
-Will the Death Star show up with the Imperial Fleet and will it destroy Hoth?
-Without a lot of very precise (and annoying) rotoscoping of the final battle, a lot of the best shots in ROTJ will be lost. Will you edit around these shots or will they appear in the movie?
-How much time has progressed between Chapter 1 and 2? Does the probe find the hidden rebel base or is it the Falcon’s tracking device?
-Who’s narrating it?

So far, this sounds like a less extreme version of The War of the Stars, and I am very excited. I hope to see this get made.

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