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Do you think Disney will release the unaltered versions for DVD and blue ray

I work for an online retailer, and I run into mislabled products all the time.

Text and images are added separately, very often the incorrect text can be added to an image, or the other way round.

There is a department responsible for listings, but they just upload the info in bulk, which gives rise to errors.

From my experience I would ignore this as anything but a mistake, and it’s not precursor to a new release.

Separate to the Amazon listings, let’s see if there is an announcement at celebration.

Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 MKV IS OUT NOW

Wazzles said:

peter_pan said:

Harmy said:

Apparently, someone’s selling Despecialized on eBay:

Everybody please report them for selling bootlegs, if you can. Thanks.

I have also seen your versions available to stream on a video addon for Kodi.

Is it free?

Yes, and the link I tried out of curiosity did not work at that time.

Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 MKV IS OUT NOW

cybrsage said:

TV’s Frink said:

OmarLennon said:

i will born a copy of this actual versions to save HDD space, thanks 😃

Doesn’t sound as painful as borning a baby but still sounds unpleasant.

I don’t know, I think the disc would be quite painful due to its sharp edges. Babies don’t have sharp edges but they are larger.

My Uncle was born with sharp edges… He always was a chip of the old block! 🙌

The Original Trilogy restored from 35mm prints

poita said:

Feel free to do so, I won’t be using any output created from the community for what I am working on, but I’m more than happy for people to try their own thing on it. I tend to find Photoshop fixes result in weird crawling generally, but it sounds like you have a good system, so by all means give it a shot.

Even if photoshop wouldn’t produce the correct result, the idea of “crowd cleanup” could be implemented on this or another project?

The Original Trilogy restored from 35mm prints

thorr said:

Would you be interested in help with carefully performed content-aware photoshop fixing of nicks and scratches on each frame? I would be happy to help with this. I did this with my trailer project I was working on and the end result was beautiful. If we all helped, we could get through all the frames and have a near-blemish free final product. People would need to be careful not to fix things that are in multiple frames because they are supposed to be there but look like a blemish.

I love the idea of everyone helping to manually clean. I would certainly give some time to a certain number of frames.

Red Dwarf Night: 10th Anniversary

GavSalkeld said:

I know I am late but what help do you need with sound? I may be able to help, depending on the issues.

Hi, no your not too late. I was about to go ahead and do the AVI and just put it out.

I only have a small edit left to make.

The sound issues I am having is just trying to get the VHS sound to match volume with the DVD material without sounding funky.

I can’t seem to get a balance between filtering out noise and getting the 2 Sources to match.

Do you have Adobe?

This post has been edited.

Project #4K77

I do enjoy reading the updates to this threat with a coffee in the morning before work.

Please don’t force me to drink green tea and read about Trump!

Project Index: Other Preservations and Fan Projects

sodarum said:

Is there some sort of list of all releases made from 35mm prints? These are the ones I know about:
-Star Wars
-Empire Strikes Back
-Raiders of the Lost Ark
-Star Trek III
-Jurassic Park

If there are any others, please let me know.


Jedi grindhouse from Harmy.

Color matching and prediction: color correction tool v1.3 released!

DrDre said:

peter_pan said:

In practise you would use at least a 16-bit color image, which would prevent stair stepping, unless it is part of the original 35mm frame.

Pardon my ignorance, but what do you mean when you say “stair stepping”?

When you perform a color correction at a low color depth, the colors from one pixel to the next may resemble a step function, rather than a smooth transition.

Right, got you.
Can’t you have your time line set to a higher depth so that there is head space for the addition of the colour space?

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