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Star Wars Destiny (New Shorts by Disney)

suspiciouscoffee said:

These are neat little shorts. The animation is fine, Daisy’s voice work is fine (the Leia actress, less so) and I liked the sandworm on Jakku — dune — desert planet.

Yeah, they are neat, if a little odd. But neat all the same. How many of these are they going to do?

Random Thoughts

I decided to read this spam, and i am glad i did:

Hi sweetie,
A lot of spams come to your inbox from various virtual women prompting you to join those dating websites.
So while reading my letter you might feel the same about my letter too. I won’t blame you. Online marketing and advertisement has reached its vulgar peak.
Of course I am also inviting you to join an online dating and matrimony website.

But what make my request different from others are some facts which I would like to tell you.
Firstly I have a good intention in inviting you to the website where I am registered myself, which is the possibility to meet you personally there.
Secondly the fact that these referrals and invites keep my account viable there and it will apply to you also when you join the site.
Thirdly I genuinely want more and more real people to know about this premium, matrimony oriented, convenient, safe online dating website with lots of family values.

I am Dinara from Yaroslavl, Russia and I am a Tramway driver. My life is monotonous, but I cherish my job even though it is a lackluster one. My city is a much ancient Russian city and is a beautiful one.
I want to find my love, preferably a foreigner and want to invite him to my city to show him around and to have him acquainted with my parents and relatives.
So without wasting much of your precious time I would request you to take a chance with this site and give it a fair try. I am sure you will like it.

I hope you will find me there.

Isn’t that just great? i removed the link from the end, because i am selfish and don’t want any of you stealing Dinara away from me.

Random Thoughts

all this random discussion is really warming up my appetite for the grill-out i am going to tonight.

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