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Going away? Post so here!

Vaca started yesterday, going to disconnect for a few days and enjoy family time.

I assume all kinds of crazy will go down in my absence.

I also secretly hope puggo doesn’t release ROTP until I am home again, because I am selfish.

Politics 2: Electric Boogaloo

Warbler said:

DominicCobb said:

Warbler said:

DominicCobb said:

Most statues are not nuanced. The other reasons for the war don’t really come into play in a non-nuanced world, it’s the main one that rings loudest: slavery, and we can’t glorify that.

Maybe the world needs to be more nuanced. Maybe the other reasons for the war need to be better understood.

There is nuance in nuance. Obviously nuance is important, but as a said a statue is not a nuanced object. It is a symbol, and for many people when they see it they don’t see a million things, they see only one.

Maybe better education on the Civil War and its other causes could help here.

Of course it’s important to understand all the reasons as an educated citizen, but the truth is most of those reasons have little to do with the effects the war still has today

None the less, those reasons need to be considered in the the decision to remove the statues.

(beyond being a common, phony excuse and dog whistle).


Build a memorial if you want. But the statues as they exist are misguided.

Which statues? What about the ones for the pows I mentioned and the battlefield markers?

Again, nuance. If a statue depicts a glorification, it should go. If it symbolizes something else, maybe not.

unfortunately, some of the statues at Gettysburg do probably depict glorification. Still if you try to remove them, you will probably get a fight from battle field historians.

i was just recently at gettysburg,

there certainly doesn’t need to be an erasing of history. but i have heard the sentiment going around, that i agree with. it goes something like this. “places of prominence should be given to good role models” so to me, anything along the lines of naming a public school, what goes up in the town square, basically anything that says ‘hey world, these are people we like, and you could do worse than to emulate them’, those are places that confederate statues probably don’t belong.

The Kenobi Movie

TV’s Frink said:

Alderaan said:

So far this thread can be summed up as follows:

A bunch of yaks and shills being castigated for eating the same dog food, film after film.
Their reply?
“But it’s good dog food!”

Oh well. Disney, please announce another rehash before the end of this year. How about a Bib Fortuna movie. Throw these dogs a frickin’ bone.

Why do you even read these threads? Surely you have better things to do with your life.

i laughed (at both posts actually)

Random Thoughts

Possessed said:

It’s not as fun as the thread me and you have to talk about ender.

i hope it is called “The thread to end all enders”

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