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Star Wars VIII - Die letzten Jedi (The Last Jedi) (PittStone Edit)

buzzclub said:

Hal 9000 said:

Very nice clips. I wonder, if you aren’t using audio sources other than the BluRay itself (and it seems not deleted scenes which use English vocals), perhaps it would be possible to “reconnect media” when you are done to export an English version as well?

I especially like everything about Finn on the Star Destroyer, the entrance and the exit.

I have finished a English Version and a German Version, yet. (English Opening Crawl and Audio) (German Opening Crawl and Audio).

wo finde ich diese version?
in deutsch natürlich 😉

Attack of the Clones - Centropy UAR version

Sishyo512 said:

^…^ said:

benduwan said:

so what´s with your deleted sw movie projekt?

Halted, at least unless someone more skilled than me would be able to clean up EP 4,5,6 deleted scenes, and possibly colorize the b&w scenes - about this, there is a nice tutorial on doom9, under avisynth usage subforum.

I’m definitely not skilled, but I could try to clean up the deleted scenes. Colorizing however, you would have to ask someone with much more expertise.

than you should read here:

Wanted: TV Version,Workprint, & Misc

quality of these:

The Dark Crystal -> black and white vhs copy? bad quality?

Evil Dead II -> mexican tv edit? complete? bad quality?

Alien ABC WLS-TV 7 WOC -> difference to the dvd/bluray releases?

Aliens CBS WOC (2 Discs)-> difference to the dvd/bluray releases?

Army Of Darkness Sci-Fi NC -> difference to the dvd/bluray releases?

The Goonies Disney NC -> extended with deleted scenes?quality?

Gremlins NBC WPC -> extended with deleted scenes? quality?

Looking for workprints that were floating around in trading circles in the 1990's & 2000's!

Beetlejuice = the black and white workprint?i like to watch.
Evil Dead 2 = the mexican tv cut?quality?the same like on the spleen?
Gremlins = what´s different to the bluray release?i like to watch.
Predator 2 = difference to the bluray?i like to watch.
if you need the dark crystal workprint,it´s on the spleen.
if you share the others,please pm me.