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Making a PERFECT Crawl

DominicCobb said:

I could be wrong, but I think ROTJ might be literally the only that doesn’t fade as it gets further away.

I know this doesn’t happen in Harmy ANH.

Something I wanna include though is my pet peeves on the language of the crawl. ANH and ESB follow all these rules, and RotJ follows most of them. The prequels and the sequels break a lot of them, but since they’re prequels and sequels, they’re not really good examples of what Star Wars is.

-There are three paragraphs.
-The first paragraph has one short sentence, and one long sentence. (Broken by RotJ)
-The other two paragraphs are one long sentence each.
-The last paragraph ends in an ellipsis.
-This ellipsis is 4 dotted. (Broken by RotJ)
-The first paragraph gives a general description of the state of the galaxy, the second paragraph gives a more relevant description of the state of the galaxy, and the third paragraph describes the opening scene. (Broken by RotJ, but it doesn’t stray too far)
-Maximum one capitalized phrase in the crawl.
-This capitalized phrase covers important, new information central to the more specific plot of the movie (Broken by RotJ, but again it doesn’t stray too far)

Questions about FX in fan edits and the Starkiller Base

Dr. Krogshöj said:

  1. Would it be theoretically possible to insert the familiar elongated stars special effect to the background of the shot where the red plasma beams are moving away from Starkiller Base into empty space (to indicate it’s firing through hyperspace)?

  2. Would it possible to shrink the Death Star even further, to a miniscule ball in the holographic comparison with Starkiller Base in the Resistance briefing scene, to give it a more realistic scale?

  3. Would it possible to move Starkiller Base further away from the devoured star in the space shot when the star’s draining begins? (We wouldn’t see the small planet in the initial shot, only after the camera pans to the left, with the plasma stream also elongated.)

1: Probably

2: Probably too

3: Without completely redoing the shot, I’m not sure.

The Last Jedi: The De-Feminized Fanedit

liamnotneeson said:

DominicCobb said:

MalàStrana said:

GylesReynek said:
People that do stuff like make a de-feminized version of Star Wars are the exact type of people the Rebels are fighting against. This dude is Hux IRL.

Ridiculous statement.

But sadly true

I don’t remember the Resistance fighting against muh misogynists last time I watched any of the Star Wars movies, and I don’t remember Hux saying anything about women. Correct me if I’m wrong

The Empire and the First Order are both pretty conservative. They’re divine right monarchies that require allegiance to a societal hierarchy, founded to restore the glory days that may or may not have even existed.

The Last Jedi : Fan Edit Ideas - ** <strong>SPOILERS INSIDE</strong> **

Collipso said:

SparkySywer said:

One thing that bothered me about the prequels, and is in the Last Jedi, is that they all use the same recording of the opening theme. TLJ uses the same recording as TFA. I’d change that.

On that same note, other than the Yoda scene, not a fan of them reusing old music. I’d also edit that out, where possible.

Which opening theme version would you suggest?

Not sure, because I’m not sure what you’d be able to get legally (because I don’t think anyone here wants to hire an orchestra just for a fanedit. However if you contacted someone who’s already got a recording, you could get one.

Edit: For example, I used this in my own personal fanedit of TPM. I wouldn’t recommend doing this in a released fanedit, though, because just ripping off their recording and releasing it without credit or permission is legally and morally questionable.

This post has been edited.

Return of the Jedi: A Gentle Pruning

Hal 9000 said:

If anyone who knows how wished to run the BluRay (or relevant portions) through a color matcher with the Despecialized Edition, that would be the best option.

Didn’t NeverarGreat do something about the colors in the Blu-Rays?

Remove subtitle for “I want fifty thousand. No less.” if possible, with differing sources needing to closely match very similar shots

The Blu-Rays don’t have burned-in subtitles if that’s any help.

Erasing the Prequels Entirely

What stuff would we have to do to the Last Jedi for this?

Probably would have to get rid of…

the mention of Darth Sidious

The rest of the speech should stay, though. It could feel like the Ben’s Hut scene in ANH.

Even though the project is pretty dead, I’m still probably gonna make a “Star Wars: Episode V - The Last Jedi” crawl, and a Numberless TLJ crawl, too.

This post has been edited.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The Dark Cut <strong>(SPOILERS)</strong>

The crawl’s kind awkward.

It is a time of peril. The warring factions of the Resistance and the First Order have dealt cripplingly blows to one another.
Meanwhile, Rey completes her journey to find Skywalker, certain he can restore a spark of hope to the fight.
Finn and Poe Dameron aid General Leia Organa, in an effort to find a new base for the RESISTANCE to stand against the rising tyranny in the galaxy…

I’d replace the first paragraph with “It is a time of peril. The warring factions of the Resistance and the First Order have crippled one another, and both sides are itching to deal the final blow.”

“Both sides have attacked each other” is a weird thing to say in a crawl.

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