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Rogue One * <em>Spoilers</em> * Thread

dahmage said:
they got the death that suited them is probably a better way to put it.

Yes, your choice of words is better than mine.

The opposite of R1 is TFA. He should have died, say, by ramming his old ship and thus saving everyone, bit like that old pilot in ID4. Another reason why I can’t stomach TFA.

Rogue One * <em>Spoilers</em> * Thread

oojason said:

I love it, I wish we had a graphic novel like that!

And on a grimmer, novemberish note:

Did you notice that each major character got the death they deserved?

Gerrera was too tired after nearly three decades of war, he finally met people who will continue his crusade.
Galen finally had a chance to see his daughter.
K2 defeated a platoon of soldiers single-handedly (literally, as he was operating the computer with his other hand) and then blew up himself to stop the enemy - obeservation: a paragon of battle droid effectiveness he was.
Chirrut being a monk prayed and prepared himself to die.
Bodhi (who is the hobbit of this film) knew that he finally did something important - and his death was quick so he didn’t even had time to be afraid.
Baze died like a warrior (Conan would be proud) : killed his opponents, avenged his brother-in-faith, smirked in the face of death. Did he also found his lost faith in the Force?
Jyn avenged her parents and completed her father’s sabotage. Cassian completed his toughest mission. And then they had (the shortest) vacation on the beach… and finally a moment for themselves - their goal was achieved.

And even Krennic… who would always pull himself up when shot… had the chance to gaze at the grand creation of his life… aiming and shooting him straight in the head. What could be his last thoughts?

This is to all the people who say R1 is just nostalgia-exploitation and “ayteeaytees”.

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Rogue One * <em>Spoilers</em> * Thread

ray_afraid said:

I don’t need a big logo telling me that it’s Star Wars.

Sure, this doesn’t ruin my viewing experience (search my posts: I love R1).

It’s just that while I can understand (albeit I disagree with it) the reasoning behind the “no text crawl” decision, I completely fail to grasp why are they so bent on separating the “Anthology” films from the Episodes: the logo, the title (why not the simple “STAR WARS: Rogue One”? note how there’s no “Rebels: The Star Wars Story TV Series”) etc.

It only adds the fuel to the “it’s Disney’s Star Wars” crowd.

Rogue One * <em>Spoilers</em> * Thread

SilverWook said:

Does anyone else miss …

There are more important things missing.
Title crawl discussion aside, why didn’t we get the STAR WARS logo itself?
This film deserves it more than anything filmed during the previous ~20 years…

Rogue One * <em>Spoilers</em> * Thread

How about STAR WARS Radio Horror Drama?

Close your eyes and crank up your headphones when that hallway scene is about to begin…

Feel free to reply if you twitched instinctively during those screams…

I’m still seeing those red flashes which my eyelids didn’t block…

The Random EU Thoughts Thread

How dare you, R1-lovers, miss the glaring fact that K2SO is… Mary Sue.
Are you blind?

He pilots and fights like Chewbacca, hacks computers like R2D2 and talks like C-3PO.
He’s strong, handsome, eloquent… nice voice BTW.

Maaary Suuuuue


Han - Solo Movie ** Spoilers **

joefavs said:

He seemed really unduly pleased with himself.

Sounds just like… Han?
- “Sometimes I even amaze myself!”

Hardcore Legend said:

But the James Bond franchise

…started as books.
And Robin Hood and King Arthur started as legends… faceless.

I’ll repeat what I’ve said already in this thread: did you guys really enjoy Young Indiana Jones Chronicles that much?

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Rogue One * <em>Spoilers</em> * Thread

Cameos. Quotes. Sometimes we love them, sometimes we cringe. Because inserting MTFBWY every now and then can make us sick, and winking to the viewer one too many time may make us roll our eyes in irritation.

Master level of quoting? Rogue One.

In the middle of a climax, the super-important message from Galen is breaking up and it’s cut short!
But every lover of Star Wars, who had seen ANH a hundred of times knows that last sentence by heart.

I nearly shouted it out in the cinema, sitting on the edge of the seat, as if I hoped to tell Jyn what were Galen’s last instructions.
Oh, and use proton torpedos, dammit!

This is to all the people who say R1 is just nostalgia-exploitation and “ayteeaytees”.

General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread

One of the things Rogue One did right was adding weight to Death Star, making it even scarier. When many creators fall into the trap of “even bigger explosions!”, R1 just holds the audience a bit longer in a scene which was so (too?) short in ANH.
That alone helps… but that’s not all.
They’ve successfully tapped into our hidden fears… watching R1 reminded me of certain documentary videos like this one:
…which I watch both hypnotized with amazement and paralyzed with fear.

Rogue One soundtrack - needs better titles

The first thing I noticed in the official soundtrack listing is that the main theme suite has the word “Hope” just like the previous track from you-know-which-one-scene. And “Rogue One” is not the main theme. Very confusing. Just like the 1993 and 1997 soundtracks have different track titles (and arrangements!), here are my proposals for renaming (in bold), compared to the current ones (and composer’s twisted jokes):

  1. He’s Here For Us
    A Krennic Condition
    He’s Come For Us

  2. A Long Ride Ahead
    Jyn and Scare it
    An Offer You Can’t Refuse, Main Theme

  3. Wobani Imperial Labor Camp

  4. Trust Goes Both Ways [includes “The Force Theme”]
    Going to See Saw

  5. When Has Become Now
    That New Death Star Smell
    Death Star Reveal [includes “Death Star Fanfare”]

  6. Jedha Arrival
    Jedha Call Saw

  7. Jedha City Ambush
    When Ambush Comes to Shove

  8. Star-Dust
    Erso Facto

  9. Confrontation on Eadu
    Go Do, That Eadu, That You Do, So Well

  10. Krennic’s Aspirations [includes “Imperial Motif” and “The Imperial March”]
    Have a Choke and Smile

  11. Rebellions Are Built on Hope
    Erso in Vain

  12. Rogue One [includes “The Force Theme”]
    Takes One to Rogue One

  13. Cargo Shuttle SW-0608
    World’s Worst Vacation Destination
    At the Gate to Destiny

  14. Scrambling the Rebel Fleet [includes “The Force Theme” and “Star Wars Main Theme”]
    Scarif Tactics

  15. AT-ACT Assault [includes “Rebel Fanfare” and “Imperial Walkers”]
    Bazed and Confused

  16. The Master Switch
    Switch Hunt

  17. Your Father Would Be Proud
    Transmission Impossible

  18. Hope [includes “The Imperial March”, “Rebel Blockade Runner” and “The Force Theme”]
    Live and Let Jedi
    Despair and Hope

  19. Jyn Erso and Hope Suite
    Jyn’s Theme, Rogue One Theme

  20. The Imperial Suite
    A New Order, Krennic’s Theme

  21. Guardians of the Whills Suite

Actually it’s just tidying up, nothing special. Probably my most notable idea would be calling those new Imperial fanfares “New Order”.
Still thinking about 10 & 12. I’m trying to avoid too obvious ones like “Visiting Vader”, bah.

Unlikely Star Wars Film Titles

We usually make funny fake titles before an upcoming film gets official one.
After Rogue One I had so many titles in my head reflecting my emotions… can you catch all references?

Guns of Navaderone
Star Wars: Medal of Honor - Rogue Assault
Run Jyn Run
Rogue One - or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Death Star

The SW Fan film/short thread

Wannabe Scholar said:

Hey guys. I haven’t seen a general thread on fan-made SW works

I did:


Another pre-YouTube film (2002) - and also probably one of the best:
Before we got Rogue One, we had another female hero:
Pink Five

Makes those “rouge” misspellings even funnier now, right?

This post has been edited.

What movies do you consider canon?

We have a fresher thread here, but I wanted to limit the discussion to films only.

Some time after the Prequel trilogy I realized that the best way to deal with its numerous problems would be to simply reject it as a whole. Sure even a purist like me would find some nice designs/shots, but the rest trampled over the universe/story/characters.

That is why after all those years of STAR WARS enduring offenses from SE, PT and now ST… I almost can’t believe myself that I am accepting Rogue One. That would make it the first real SW film in what, 30+ years?

Other unpleasant truths we sometimes need to face…

Just as we elevate and accept the problematic ROTJ thanks to the quality of ANH and ESB and thus recognize the whole trilogy as a whole (think about it! ROTJ was a rush to wrap up the story), is it possible to accept one film from a given trilogy and reject another? Or vice versa?

Maybe if I disliked TPM only because of kid-Anakin, it could be possible for me to accept the following two? I wonder…

If I dislike and reject TFA due to major problems (e.g.: setting, main antagonist) that simply cannot be undone, no matter how good TLJ could be, how can I possibly look forward to the two remaining episodes?

Han - Solo Movie ** Spoilers **

And now a question that’s partially linked to the casting issue:

Would you rather risk a film about another hansoloish character (worst case: the new guy will be meh, so not a big loss) instead of what we’re risking now? (tarnishing Han Solo character/new actor too small to fill Ford’s shoes)

Ranking the Star Wars Soundtracks

DominicCobb said:

I also am of two minds on Duel of the Fates. Is it an amazing piece of music? Absolutely. Is it also ridiculously over the top? Yes. Why do we need an epic choir for that lightsaber duel? Why do we even care? Well the answer is we don’t

My thoughts exactly.

Completely reversed in R1 track “Hope” (when you-know-what happens), as we do care, and we get something akin to XIXc gothic opera, where the chorus is matching the horror.
(otherwise I don’t like too much chorus, like the one during Jyn’s Theme was too much for me)

I wonder if they will mention it in Oxygen, I found that in Youtube’s comments:

try to speed up that track, at least x2. Notice the notes the chorus hits? Isn’t that a certain familar march…?

Did Giacchino do the same genious trick as John Williams in TPM, where that festive child chorus is actually …sped-up Emperors’ Theme?

Star Wars at box office

What about promotional materials, especially when it comes to international distribution?

I don’t recall (and neither my forum buddies) seeing anything beyond standard package (trailer+poster) even at major cinemas.
Compare to TFA or Prequels (I still have cardboard J.Fett). I’m still seeing TFA toys at shops, any R1 toys?

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