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The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **

The idea is that the Supremacy’s hyperspace tracking device acts as a static hyperdrive itself when active. It’s static in that the Supremacy enters hyperspace with this device but doesn’t move, allowing it to use its sensors to find other ships in hyperspace.

I’m thinking of it like a periscope on a submarine - part of the sub must leave the water for it to work. To continue the analogy - if a speedboat were to hit the periscope, it would damage the sub, whereas if there were no periscope the boat would pass overhead with little disturbance.

The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **

Collipso said:

chyron8472 said:

I saw a Youtube video that posited that Holdo calculated to hit the ships at the moment before the ship entered hyperspace, when the ship was travelling at relativistic speeds, and applies physics to it to explain why it makes sense (and yet sort of doesn’t).

Nerdist: The Physics Behind The Last Jedi’s Coolest Scene! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

With regard to how it doesn’t makes sense, he says that if the math works out, her ship hitting the fleet at relativistic speeds should have atomized the entire fleet rather than merely breaking the ships in half.

I guess that the scene established that the GFFA doesn’t obey this specific law of physics, and at the same time it does. I mean, it obeys it, but the result is only a fraction of what the actual result IRL would be. I guess that also means that the power of the impact any Rebel cruiser could create on the Death Star wouldn’t be enough to destroy it?

Anyway, I remember leaving the theater and overhearing a considerable amount of people (even the people who I went to watch it with) asking “why didn’t she simply lightspeed herself into the FO before? Or why have they never done that before? It’s so useful and overpowered…” So even if I don’t have a problem with that I totally understand why some people would.

The way I understand hyperspace working is that it’s a dimension weakly coupled to normal space, so that ships traveling through hyperspace would still need to ‘avoid’ masses but a crash would primarily affect the object in hyperspace. Under this theory, any ship going to Hyperspace would damage that ship far more than the target.

But what if the hyperspace tracking technology used by the Supremacy means that the ship is always partially in Hyperspace? After all, some part of the ship would need to interact with this dimension at all times for it to work. Under this theory, the First Order is undone by its own technology and hubris rather than an overpowered exploit of the ill-defined rules of the universe.

Your DVD Collection

Sir Ridley said:

NeverarGreat said:

Ever since I was a wee lad I wanted to see every Robin Hood movie ever made. It’s not a burning desire so much as a sustained curiosity. According to Wikipedia, there are a whole lot of them to see:

However, I’ve limited myself to only Robin Hood movies released in theaters. From that list I own the following, annotated with their best quality:
The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) - The best Robin Hood, period.
The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952) - The best Maid Marion.
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) - The best outlaw hideout.
Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) - The best Errol Flynn since the original.
Robin Hood (2010) - The best rendition of a realistic England.

Furthermore, I have seen and wish to own:
Walt Disney’s Robin Hood (1973) - The best Prince John, Friar Tuck.
Robin and Marian (1976) - The best old man Robin (sorry, Russel Crowe).

This leaves me with quite a few movies yet to see, mostly from the 20’s-60’s era. Does anyone have a recommendation of a version of the tale (TV or film) that I simply must see?

There’s a short Swedish cartoon movie from 1975 which is shown on TV every Christmas Eve called “Christopher’s Christmas Mission” in English. It’s not about Robin Hood, but about a boy who works at the post office and idolizes Robin Hood. One Christmas he decides to take all the outgoing packages for rich people and hand them out to poor people. It’s a real classic in Sweden and a favorite of mine. I guess it doesn’t really fit your criteria, but it’s a nice little film anyhow.

Interesting, I’ll see if I can find it.

The Force Awakens - The Starlight Project

A well conceived crawl. After thinking about it, I agree that the brother/sister angle is unnecessary. I like how evocative ‘war hero Leia Organa’ is, but I would wonder why she seems to have so little power given that everyone we see has a high opinion of her.

Calling Snoke a ‘mysterious leader’ makes it even more apparent that we should learn more about him during the movie, which of course never happens. I feel like going in the other direction and making him simply a power-hungry warlord would be the best option, that way nobody expects a twist that never arrives (unless JJ pulls something in Ep 9).

Other than that, it’s a propulsive and exciting crawl.

Politics 2: Electric Boogaloo

Unless the US is going to try and overthrow the government of NK entirely, there’s no point in making Kim feel less safe. The whole reason they have nukes is because they have absolutely no other options to protect themselves from being destroyed by their better armed and equipped neighbors. They can’t win economically or with conventional military strength. Their two options are:

  1. Diplomacy
  2. Nuclear deterrent

The US has made clear that we’re not interested in diplomacy, so the only thing they can do is build nukes.

All Things Star Trek

Bonus points for referring to the Animated Series episodes simply as ‘logs’.

The Force Awakens - The Starlight Project

In terms of setting the mood for a space fantasy, a name like ‘Leia Organa’ is very Space Princess. Luke Skywalker, on the other hand, is quite down to earth while still being a little space-ish. This makes sense when he’s the audience avatar in ANH. When he’s some super magical unicorn space wizard in TFA, putting ‘Luke’ in the crawl still feels to me like he’s a farmboy who hasn’t gotten his Jedi name yet, hence the brother and sister speak.

It also cuts down on the number of terms being name-dropped in the crawl and the potential confusion for first-time viewers of Leia Organa also being a Skywalker also being a Solo.

TFA: A Gentle Restructure

I agree with this. After all, nobody seems to be in a hurry to leave the base after the Starkiller destruction. Because of the editing, it feels like at least a day has gone by between that and Rey leaving.

The Force Awakens - The Starlight Project

I’m pretty happy with the crawl I posted above. However, I’ve been thinking about the specifics of the crawls and realized that all of them are out of sync with the music except for the 1977 version of Star Wars.

The addition of an episode number and title mean that there’s now essentially three more lines of text in the first paragraph, throwing off the music. In the original, the second paragraph is accompanied by the middle section of the main theme, but it now starts during the first paragraph. For the Force Awakens, the final paragraph is in the right place to sync with the music, but its five lines are too short.

With this in mind, I believe I’ve figured out the proper number of lines in each paragraph for musical sync:

TFA Original Crawl -
First Paragraph: 7 lines (10 with number and title)
Second Paragraph: 7 lines
Third Paragraph: 5 lines
Total: 19

Proper TFA Crawl -
First Paragraph: 4 lines (7 with number and title)
Second Paragraph: 9 lines
Third Paragraph: 8 lines
Total: 21

Original Crawl (1977) -
First Paragraph: 6 lines
Second Paragraph: 8 lines
Third Paragraph: 7 lines
Total: 21

Note that each paragraph in the proper TFA crawl is one line longer than in the 1977 crawl, due to the entire sequence being sped up for all subsequent movies.

Here’s a crawl that makes use of that format, even if it’s a bit verbose:

Episode VII
The First Order

The Empire has survived.
Founded on his secret first order,
the Emperor’s legions have built
a weapon that devours the stars.

Twisted by vengeance against
its ancient foe, the First Order
and its evil knights have driven
the last of the Jedi into hiding.
Without the Jedi to protect the
New Republic, Only General
Leia Organa, sister of the exiled
Jedi, recognizes their deadly

Mobilizing a brave Resistance
with the reluctant support of
the Republic, Leia sends her
most trusted pilot on a mission
to find her long-lost brother,
now her only hope in
restoring peace and justice
to the galaxy…

Although I like my previous crawl better, it would be nice to get it into this format.

This post has been edited.

The Force Awakens - The Starlight Project

Maybe something more like this:

Episode VII
The First Order

The Empire has survived.
Founded in secret by the
Emperor himself, a loyal
FIRST ORDER has been
working for generations
to build a weapon that can
destroy entire stars.

Meanwhile, the last of the
Jedi Knights has vanished,
leaving the New Republic
blind to this deadly threat.
Only General Leia Organa,
sister of the Jedi, has the
foresight to mobilize
a covert resistance.

Desperate for allies,
Leia has sent her most
trusted pilot on a mission
to find her long-lost brother,
now her only hope for
a galaxy in peril…

This post has been edited.

The Force Awakens - The Starlight Project

Not really a serious idea (Yet!), I was kicking around the concept that the First Order is actually as old as the Empire itself:

Episode VII
The First Order

The Galactic Empire lives.
Formed in secret as the first
act of Emperor Palpatine,
Generations of his loyal
servants have been building
a weapon that can destroy
entire stars.

Believing this First Order
is merely a weak imitator,
the New Republic is blind
to this deadly threat. Only
General Leia Organa mobilizes
a covert Resistance in response.

Desperate for allies, Leia
has sent her most trusted pilot
on a mission to discover the
whereabouts of her brother,
the last of the Jedi Knights,
and who has mysteriously
vanished without a trace…

How did you originally find this site?

My first post was in 2012, when I expressed interest in -1’s project. I’m sure I lurked on the site for quite a while before that though, and frequented other sites such as Save Star Wars.

Remember when a 35mm preservation was a ‘crazy proposal’ and we were all busying ourselves with the GOUT and Laserdisc? Such innocent times.

The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **

Mavimao said:

Well as soon as she arrives, she says “we haven’t much time” and they plan an attack centered around the Death Star coming to them…

The line in the movie is ‘we have no time for our sorrows, commander’. Which would be true whether or not the station was on its way, since they would be keen to avoid another loss like Alderaan.

From the Revised Fourth Draft:
We don’t have time for our sorrows,
Commander. The battle station has
surely tracked us here.
(looking pointedly to
It’s the only explanation for the
ease of our escape. You must use the
information in this R2 unit to plan
the attack. It is our only hope.

So even then she is only making an assumption.

Han - Solo Movie ** Spoilers **

darthrush said:

The new Spock doesn’t work. He’s meant to be an emotionless Vulcan but actually translates onscreen to being a constantly grumpy and irritated dude. You also have no reason to believe he would become best friends with the new Kirk who is basically boiled down to being a jock flyboy who’s main thing is just to disobey every order.

TLDR: The new Star Trek movies minus Beyond (which is delightful) are dumb action movies with poorly written characters.

Leonard Nimoy maintained that while his iconic character may have been seen as cold and unemotional, he always played him as “a guy trying to keep his emotions in check.”

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