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Darth Vader Standalone Movie


So although I admit they are fun at times (particularly certain fan edits), my feelings are that the prequels were totally convoluted and unnecessary (i think we all agree here)- packed with wayyy too much crap, when all we really wanted to see was Anakin’s fall to the dark side and a bit more Vader. Which lead me to this idea of making a Darth Vader standalone movie branded as “A Star Wars Story” using mainly Episode 3 and focusing on a story that ties in to the OT a bit better. I’ve edited a version of this idea into an edit I use for my own personal entertainment - although I’m a bit biased, I think this is the most enjoyable prelude to the OT. I am limited in my editing skills but I pulled off a pretty good SD template for anyone willing to take this idea and run with it - I just don’t have the time or resources.

Feel free to check out my edit and give feedback… at the very least, I think it’s a worthy discussion.

Notable ideas/changes:

  • Totally different intro (not trying to be blasphemous, just wanted to do something different with the “A Star Wars Story” theme and incorporate a short montage of episode 1 clips giving you just enough info on young Anakin’s background to know what’s going on when the movie starts… a good opportunity to use some Vader music as well.

  • Cut whole intro of episode 3 - movie (after intro montage) starts when Anakin and Obiwan return from saving Palpatine - their exposition explains everything you need to know about what had just transpired. Using this as the opening really changes the mood of the film… I wanted to start on a ‘happier’ note… the sun is shining and Obiwan and Anakin seem close and in good spirits. Also a cool scene to start with because off the bat we see the Falcon which is a nice (albeit subtle) tie to the OT to calm us down.

  • Many many cuts throughout (some seen before in other fanedits) - faster paced for sure.

  • Birth of the rebellion scene present - showing Mon Mothma (especially with the same actress playing her in Rogue One) is a great tie-in to the OT

  • Rearranged the ending a bit. Used some old unused dialogue from The Cutter to dub Vader after the birth scene… I always felt like he came off too soft in the original… this dialogue makes him totally badass (a great setup for badass Rogue One Vader)… no crying and moaning here. In this edit he doesn’t care about Padme because he now “knows the power of the dark side” - fully consumed. 😃

  • I replaced the Venator-class Star Destroyers at the end scene with Imperial class ones and added some TIES to the mix - again, a better lead-in for Rogue One and the OT.

  • Yoda’s exile clip is present - again, a better tie-in to the OT.

  • Movie ends with the Imperial March and new credits (brief credits)

Although I mention inspiration and materials from other edits, I didn’t credit anyone in the actual edit because I only ever intended to use it for myself. However, I 'd love to see someone take this idea and create a fine-tuned HD version. Look at this as a template of sorts for my idea. I’d love to see what people come up with - preferably, with some added FX and a bit more Vader (somehow).

You can check out the edit here:


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Star Wars: Heir to the Force (TFA edit) <em>Released</em>
Time download link to the completed deleted scene with removed timestamp.

I actually really like this scene… i think it’s symbolic how it’s the only time we see light shining directly on Kylo’s face in a close-up. I find it almost representative of the “pull of the light” …as he fights to suppress the feelings and memories that accompany walking into his father’s cockpit. Pretty powerful stuff in my opinion…

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Star Wars: Heir to the Force (TFA edit) <em>Released</em>

I reeally enjoyed this edit. Some brief feedback: First thought is the edit is a bit too dark - I can barely see anything in some parts. It just needs to be lightened up a bit. I like a lot of the cuts, especially the masked interrogation. The few seconds of the superimposed helmet can be tweaked a bit to make it look more real (lighting on the helmet, etc.) but overall really well executed. I’d love to see ‘Kylo searching the Falcon’ added to this edit too… I think it would add to the Kylo/Han connection. Lastly, the scene where the ground opens up between Kylo and Rey… Rey looks too small in this scene. Kylo looks twice her size as-is… if Rey can be enlarged a bit, I think it’ll look much more believable they are right next to eachother.

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