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The Phantom Menace on 35mm

I’d definitely like to contribute towards this, even if I’m not much a fan of the films, but just to see the Theatrical version out there besides VHS/Laserdisc. Would donate but can’t just yet, would be next week at least.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire [Revisited/Remade]

Just finished watching it last night and overall, really nicely done, Anjohan.

(Review likely not long enough for, so I’ll post here. I don’t usually post reviews for edits)

The editing just happened to have trimmed small segments I always irked at (thank god), really helped some scenes tonally also, though the only edit that really stuck out for me was the start of Great Hall scene when they were eating. It shows that the other schools had already arrived, thought you skipped over the introductions, but they arrive shortly after, including Karkaroff and Maxine and it seems off to get an introduction greeting when they were already seen in the hall earlier. Was that intentional?

It was nice to see the whole “Ron pissed off at Harry” aspect completely stripped, never liked that in the film (especially that “Ron told by Seamus that Dean told by Pravati” nonsense), though it did seem odd to have him first pissed off by his reaction in the Great Hall only, that made me wonder how it’d fit cause of Moody’s class being moved.

Listening to the rescore, major improvement. The GOF score was always the weakest for me, but glad it wasn’t a 100% rescore cause some bits didn’t need changing. Was constantly reminded throughout how much better John William’s score was. lol

Definitely recommend the edit to anyone else, though I’m still gonna modify it for myself cause while the Yule Ball was improved a little (to me it was), no amount of editing is gonna make me like that part of the film unfortunately. I already cut together an insert that could blend the Common Room post-task to Harry’s next dream after the Ball.

If the 5.1 version is coming later, gonna wait till then as I kept my No Yule Ball insert in 5.1.

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