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Trying to find a piece of fan content and can't find hide nor hair of it.


I’m trying to put together a list of great fan-made Star Wars stuff for my own records/amusement and there’s one particular video I remember hearing about but can’t find anywhere:

An obsessive Star Wars fan had made a video comparing A New Hope side-by-side with the films that inspired it (Hidden Fortress, Dam Busters and the like). There are a lot of these sorts of videos floating around on the internet, but this particular one was quite long; an hour or longer of just systematically cataloging all of George Lucas’ references. If this video actually exists and is available it would be absolutely perfect and one of my favorite things ever. Basic googling hasn’t really helped me. I can only find side-by-side comparisons between Star Wars and The Force Awakens. I’m hoping one of you lovely fan project fanatics has any info on this.

This is my first post. I read the rules but please correct me if I’ve done anything wrong. Thanks in advance.


DominicCobb said:

Was it this?

It’s entirely plausible that this website and the videos that accompany it are the piece of media I was looking for. Even if it isn’t exactly the same, it’s definitely comprehensive and deserving of attention on it’s own merit.

Thanks for finding it for me, and thanks to Michael Heilemann for creating it. You guys are the best.

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